Master P Tameka Tiny Harris

Remember your auntie told y’all that Tameka “tiny” Harris had a new new man who was paying all her bills and dropping bags and baguettes on her while T.I. chased tail in Cali? Well, after sitting on this secret for nearly 2 years, I can finally reveal who he is.

Tameka’s man is none other than New Orleans rap mogul Master P!

If you don’t believe what I’m telling you, believe your eyes. Body language is everything!

Master P dotes on Tiny and gives her everything she can’t get from her estranged husband. He gave Tiny a new house, and now he just gave the mother-of-5 her own basketball team in the new mixed gender league!

Although she is still married to rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris, theirs is a marriage of convenience for the sake of their children.

Tameka’s heart belongs to the soft spoken Master P!

Tiny’s new team is called Atlanta Heirs and she is a proud team owner. Master P also owns his own mixed gender team called the New Orleans Gators.

Although he’s 47 and she’s 42, he treats her right! And that’s all that matters.

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