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Good Samaritan

A sympathetic good Samaritan risked his life and limb to save a despondent woman who attempted suicide by jumping from an elevated platform above a subway.

The drama unfolded around 3:30 p.m at the Broadway-Lafayette subway station in Manhattan's East Village on Monday.

Witness Michal Klein, 38, had just gotten off the D train when she saw a woman climb onto beams 20 feet above the platform. As she watched, a young man climbed up after the woman and followed her across the beams.

"My first thought was: How did they get up there? I thought they were just goofing off," Klein told CBS New York.

"I couldn't really tell if they were laughing or if one person was crying," she said.

Klein asked a woman who was part of a group of onlookers. “She told me the girl had climbed over the railing, and went across the beam, and she said suicidal things,” she said.

Klein took a photo of the young man embracing the woman and uploaded the photo to her Facebook with an explanation. The police eventually arrived and escorted the woman to an ambulance.

"I don't know what I would've done. I don't think I would've climbed over to do that," Klein said.

"He actually cared enough, whoever he was, to help her. A lot of people seemed to be like 'Oh, it's New York', and kept walking."

Klein added in her Facebook post: "I hope she gets help she needs. And bravo to the young man for risking his own safety to help. Sending prayers."

  • WutizaGRANNY!
  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    They said "call 911".. Like the police really care about a Black woman :/ He did the right thing, by taking matters into his own hands.

  • Malai

    This is so sad. Thank the good lord for him ??

  • soujourn_erets

    Yah, please heal your people, and others, that are hurting.

    The world is going NUTS. West or north of where I live, this man broke into a home, kidnap a child, strangled her, and threw her over a bridg.

    The child survived with non-life threatening injuries.

    Y'all be safe out there. "Just as in the days of Noah".

  • CopperCutie

    God Bless both of them!

  • Guest©

    Uplifting story. I pray she gets the help she needs. That young man was her guardian angel. Bless his heart!

  • Rayne


  • BeUtFullSoul

    People do still CARE... I pray she finds Peace And gets the deliverance she needs. Blessings to the young man who HELPED her.

  • HTOWNPinkPuffingHerbal

    Bless his Heart! ??

  • Diva4lyfe

    Bless this young man for what he has done. He shall receive many blessing. I pray for the lady as well, suicide is so serious u just never know. I'm glad he stopped to help instead of walking on by

  • dontgetblocked

    He's better than me. I would have tried to talk her down but climbing up there...couldn't do it.

  • Chicagowise

    That was a brave and selfless act. Some people would have urged her to jump; so they can post a viral video online.

  • Kim’s Original Face

    Bless this young man!
    I still have a glimmer of hope for us humans

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