Frank James will face a federal judge on Thursday for an initial hearing following his arrest in the Brooklyn subway shooting on Tuesday.

James, 62, is charged with shooting 10 people and wounding nearly 2 dozen others in a subway car at the 36th Street and 4th Avenue station in Brooklyn. There were no fatalities.

James was arrested in the East Village on Wednesday after he called a police tip line himself.


James allegedly said he was at a McDonald's in Manhattan's Lower East Side, and he would wait there for police. He was arrested while casually walking about two blocks away.

"We were able to shrink his world quickly. There was nowhere left for him to run," New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said after James' arrest.

James is charged with committing a federal terrorist act on mass transit and faces life in prison, prosecutors say.

James expressed Black national extremist views on social media over the years. YouTube videos posted by James feature him ranting about committing violence and murder. In one video labeled "STOP ONE COMPLETE," James says "you oughta die."

NYC Mayor Eric Adams called for a national response to gun violence as a result of the shooting. He also said there will be changes on the city level — including increasing police presence in the subway and fixing inoperable surveillance cameras.

Police had offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to James' arrest.

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Frank James, the suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting that left 10 wounded and 29 others injured, was arrested Wednesday.

Police apprehended Frank R. James, 62, in Manhattan, following one of the largest manhunts in New York state history.

"My fellow New Yorkers, we've got him," said NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who is isolating at home after contracting Covid-19.

James was arrested by a beat cop after a tip was called into Crime Stoppers hotline.

James was linked to Tuesday's shooting after police found a key to a U-Haul truck at the scene. The U-Haul truck was rented in James' name in Philadelphia.

Surveillance video shows a heavyset Black man wearing a reflective construction vest and pulling a rolling bag into a Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday.

Witnesses on the N train told police the man put on a gas mask, tossed 2 smoke canisters, and opened fire on the train in the tunnel at 36th Street & 4th Avenue.

He then fled into the tunnel while the train continued on to the next station.

A MetroCard purchased with a credit card was linked to James.

Police believe the attack was premeditated and well-planned out. James expressed Black nationalist extremist views on social media.

A $50,000 reward was offered for information leading to James' arrest.

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The shooter who opened fire inside a subway car reportedly aimed at the victims' legs, according to witnesses.

According to police sources, the gunman used "small caliber ammunition" - possibly .380 caliber.

The shooting took place early Tuesday while the train was stopped in the tunnel at the 36th Street and Fourth Avenue station in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

At least 10 people were shot, and 28 people injured according to NYPD. Ten gunshot victims were transported to hospitals during rush hour. All are listed in stable condition, according to the NYPD.

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A majority of the injured victims were treated for smoke inhalation, according to Fox News.

Witnesses say the man put on a gas mask, set off smoke bombs, and began shooting at riders on a southbound train. He fled the train before it came to a complete stop. The train continued on to the next station where victims got off.

CCTV cameras were not operating inside the subway station.

The subway shooting is not being investigated as an act of terrorism.

According to Fox News, investigators may know the identity of the shooter, who is still on the loose. The gunman, described as a 5'-5" Black male, is rumored to be a disgruntled former transit employee.

The NYPD will increase police presence on subway trains for the evening rush hour commute, police say.

Crime on the NYC subway has spiked by 81% according to the NYPD. Ridership has slowly increased since the pandemic in 2020, but subway ridership is still down 40%, according to Fox News.

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A gunman opened fire, striking multiple riders on a subway train in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, April 12.

Witnesses say the gunman put on a gas mask, set off smoke bombs, and began shooting people on a southbound B train at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn.

Panic erupted and commuters pried open the doors of the subway car to escape. At least 8 people were shot, and 16 people injured according to FDNY. The NYPD denied reports that the man wore a construction vest or worked for the city.

The incident happened at 8:30 a.m. during rush hour. Eight gunshot victims were transported to a hospital. Police did not release details about their condition.

The gunman is described as a 5'-6" Black male wearing a green vest. He fled the train before it came to a complete stop at the 36th Street station near Sunset Park.

"Praying for the people injured in the shocking Brooklyn subway attack," Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) tweeted. "We will get through this together #BrooklynStrong."

Crime on the NYC subway has spiked by 81% according to the NYPD. Ridership has slowly increased since the pandemic in 2020, but subway ridership is still down 40%, according to Fox News.

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The NYPD arrested a homeless man dubbed the "A-Train Ripper" following a series of knife attacks that left two homeless people dead along the NYC subway system's A train line.

Police say Rigoberto Lopez, 21, was splattered with his victims' blood when he was taken into custody in Upper Manhattan on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Lopez was homeless and had a history of mental illness, according to reports.

Police recovered a blood-stained knife from Lopez. His shoes were splattered with his victims' blood.

The vicious stabbings left two people dead and two others injured. Hundreds of cops were deployed to hunt the "ripper" in a city where government officials defunded the police department following a summer of riots and political unrest.

Late Friday night, a man was found slumped over in his seat on an A train at Mott Avenue station in Far Rockaway. He suffered stab wounds to his neck and torso, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

At 1:15 a.m. Saturday, a 44-year-old woman was found in a pool of blood under her subway seat inside an A train at the 207th Street station in Inwood. She had stab wounds all over her body. She later died at a local hospital.

Two other victims, a 43-year-old man and a 67-year-old man, are being treated for stab wounds at area hospitals.

The stabbing spree sent shockwaves through the community, as New Yorkers complained about the lack of police presence in the subways, which are mostly empty due to the Covid.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea announced 500 additional cops to be deployed across the city immediately, the NY Post reports.

The stabbings follow a series of violent subway attacks, which included a commuter shoved onto the tracks.

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