Leftwing blog Politico.com has come under fire for taunting Christians and other religious believers who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas this week.

In one cartoon by Matt Wuerker, Politico.com‘s leftwing editorial cartoonist, a Coast Guard helicopter plucks a Harvey flood victim off a rooftop.

“ANGELS! SENT BY GOD!” the victim exclaims joyously.

“Er, actually Coast Guard… Sent by The Government,” replies the rescuer.

The cartoon was met with widespread condemnation and ridicule when it was published this week.

Liberals are waging war on Christianity, mainly because Christians believe homosexuality is a sin.

The Radical left takes every opportunity to smear, mock and taunt Christians, while at the same time embracing Islam which oppresses (and sometimes kills) gays.

Wuerker issued a weak explanation for his hate-toon by tweeting he was merely making fun of “secessionists” — Texans who favor withdrawal from the United States.

“Respectfully— it’s making fun of the Secessionist movement. Not at all aimed at all Texans,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Breitbart.com notes that there are no obvious signs that the cartoon references “secessionists”.

The “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is an obvious jab at all Tea Partiers.

The “Angels! Sent by God!” dialogue is an obvious jab at the Faithful.

The stereotypical ten gallon hat is an obvious jab at Texans.

The Confederate flag is an obvious jab at Texans as backwards racists.