Yung Joc

Rapper 21 Savage recorded a video dissing rapper Yung Joc for wearing a dress. 21 Savage, a 24-year-old Atlanta resident, apologized for his city and promised the ladies that “real men” are making a comeback.

Recent antics by singer/actor Tyrese Gibson and Yung Joc prove that social media is full of sad, lonely narcissists and neurotics pretending to be real men.
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Savage apologized to the world “on behalf of Atlanta” for producing “soft azz” men like Yung Joc.

Savage goes on to assure the world that “There are some real ni**as left…” and “Real ni**as are coming back.”

Joc responded to the uproar by posting a video of himself flashing stacks of cash — as if money can buy respect and dignity once it’s been lost.

The irony is Joc grew up in a 2-parent household. He was fortunate to have a doting dad who instilled an entrepreneur spirit in his son.

Do better, Yung Joc.

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