NBA players

You’d be surprised what you learn while shopping in the women’s shoe department at Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square Mall.

Last weekend your auntie was in Nieman’s shoe department when I overheard a discussion about one of the super rich NBA stars pictured above.

While visiting Atlanta recently, one of the ballers in the above photo noticed a beautiful young lady trying on shoes (I don’t know why he was in the lady’s shoes section).

Anyway, the young man was so impressed with her that he approached the sales associate and offered to pay for the shoes the young lady was trying on… I hear he purchased several pairs of designer shoes for her.

The young lady was so appreciate that she gave him her contact information. I hear tell that they hooked up later and he took her on a spending spree.

I can’t say who he is because he has a wife and kids at home.

But here’s my question: would you be upset and call your divorce attorney if you found out your man took a total stranger on a shopping spree?

Bonus question: did a professional athlete or rapper ever offer to buy you anything after a chance meeting at the mall?

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