Kordell Stewart Funky Dineva

Former NFL football player Kordell Stewart, left, is suing former gossip blogger-turned-DJ Quentin Latham, aka Funky Dineva, for leaking a scandalous video of him online.

Stewart, 44, claimed his ex-wife, Porsha Williams, was behind the leaked video which was published on Latham's gossip blog, Funkydineva.com in 2016.

In the court documents obtained by gossip webloid TMZ, Stewart accused Latham, 40, of creating a fake email to suggest he received the leaked video from another man.

The video appeared to show Stewart baring his naked buttocks in the presence of another man.

Stewart's attorney, Antavious Weems claims Latham went to great lengths to expose his client as a gay man.

In court documents, Weems declared that, “at all times during his life, Mr. Stewart has been, and is, a heterosexual male".

Other than hearsay, there was never any hard core evidence to support rumors that Stewart was homosexual -- until Latham leaked the video on his blog.

In the past, Stewart has fiercely defended his manhood. He previously sued internet star Andrew Caldwell (aka Mr. DeliverT) and won a $3 million judgment when Caldwell failed to show up in court.

Stewart, who married Williams in 2011 after meeting her in a bar, filed for divorce in 2013, saying his marriage to Williams was "irretrievably broken."

He has one son from a previous relationship.

In a similar case, former wrestler Hulk Hogan won a multimillion dollar lawsuit against conservative blog Gawker.com for leaking a sex video of the wrestler cavorting with his best friend's wife. The lawsuit led to Gawker's spectacular downfall.

  • tintin

    "The lawsuit led to Gawker’s SPECTACULAR downfall."
    love your write ups Sandra. Lmao

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    Thanks, hun. ?

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    Say goodbye to Funky Dineva y’all. These lawsuits end blogs

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    I love me some Funky Dineva

  • You Could Never

    Stewart’s attorney, Antavious Weems claims Latham went to great lengths to expose his client as a gay man.

    While the Pittsburgh police department went through some to cover it up. Where is the police report from the park?


    where there is smoke for 21 years there issa fire sir,


  • ShWa

    Better have straight facts otherwise you'll go down!

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    You are so witty with your words it's a gift you have. You should have a program like TMZ because you are brilliant

  • Coy little wink

    The writeup says former blogger...did he stop blogging already or is Sandra predicting his spectacular downfall ?

  • Pebbles

    funky diva better watch Wendy Williams show and learn terms and let it be part of his vocabulary he should say such and such Allegedly did this or Allegedly this happen

  • Ni Ni

    Po Funky Dineva just cain't catch a break. He got fired before the talk show aired, sued by the atl blogger, broke according to Sandra, now sued again ?. And we know to never call Cordell gay, he'll sue ?.

  • brownisback

    Dear Kordell,
    We (the people) actually forgotten about this until now but thanks for bringing it back up and reminding us!

    We still don't care

  • brownisback

    Is Funky Dineva's site even up anymore. I went to it at least a month ago and it wasn't up


    Will he be able to collect from these lawsuits?

  • Numba Pulla

    40? Really?

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    Kordell, you will never get money from a broke turnip, but i get it. You want this human to think about you every time they apply for an apartment and a Rent-a-center Account. In the meantime in WhoCaresVille,

  • http://olskoolblackflix.com Insane Taco Juice

    I used to go to his site and it was funny for a minute. Shortly before the serious decline (I think he'd financed a play or seminar that went bust) his posts were mean or lacked research. Writing every day isn't easy but when he went in on a child, I was out. I think he has a serious mental condition.

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    I looked for at least 2 give-ah-phucks....found nothing

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    I see we're getting started early lol

  • Renee26

    Other than hearsay, there was never any hard core evidence to support rumors that Stewart was homosexual — until Latham leaked the video on his blog.

    Sooooo if he can't prove that Mr. Funky created the email address will he lose the case?? If he loses the case will he have to repay Mr. DeliverT back the money he won in that settlement??

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    OHKAYYYYY DEN (in my nieces' voice when she thinks imma bout to tell her daddy)

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    Ok! Why didn't he sue in 2016??

  • Renee26

    Wit his bitch azz

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    Yes, i think he does. I think some roses mentioned he is off.

  • NeverSurprised

    Gawker certainly was not a conservative blog. In fact, their nemesis was Peter Thiel, the conservative billionaire who was outed by the blog. That outing enraged Thiel and led to his picking up the attorneys' fees for Hulk Hogan in his successful lawsuit against Gawker.

  • Kim’s Original Face

    Now you know funky is not 40. Stawp!!

  • Guess Who

    Didn't Bill Cowers, the Pittsburgh PD and some City Council mysteriously make his soliciting a male prostitute case disappear when he was the QB for the Steelers?

  • i troll it like i see it

    Funky Dineva is one of the most unattractive men, he has got to have some insecurities spreading all this false crap about folks.

  • Lanegra??

    OMG when did he go in on a child? I watch his videos more than read his blog and he would always say he will never talk about kids. That's so sad to bring in children. I did notice on his videos he look more and more disheveled.

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  • NeverSurprised

    Daily Mail now has a tv show in the mode of TMZ. There certainly seems to be an opportunity for a black-oriented entertainment blog to also step into the tv arena. You should look into it, Sandra Mae.

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    I believe he's still on the show. At least he was up there yesterday morning

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    Don't these celebrities understand that whenever you sue someone for defamation whatever the rumor/lie you're suing for gets more publicity?

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    Yeah, he's still there. He was there this morning. Still don't understand a man being in a "sister circle". I've given them a week. I'm out.

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    Why is he in a video with ANOTHER MAN & HIS BUTT/OCKS OUT?

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    This made me laugh out loud...

    You can squeeze blood from a turnip.

    One favorite colloquialism

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    About 3 years ago. It was a caption that alluded to a little girl looking much older than she really was but the child was suffering from a serious disease. I think it's been pulled since.

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    Is it true or iz it not?


    He 39 or 40

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    Is he older, cause...

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    The same reason Kevin Hart was in that video walking around naked with another man and woman present in the room ??? One blog posted that video and all their account on social media got deleted ?????

  • You Could Never

    Yes. You are correct.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    Dineva ain't got it (but neither did Mother Caldwell), but carry on windmilling these wig snatchers Cordell?

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Mr.DeliverT ain’t show up to court and neither has those checks in the mail Cordell ain’t gone get paid they claim Mr.DeliverT has a mental illness in real life and he is on disability! Shame on America for exploiting the disabled for shi*s and giggles !

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    Get him, Kordell!!! I hope he wins bigly.

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    I didn't know the show had already started.

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    NO! They like Tommie from Martin they ain’t got no job?

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    My hair is laid!..like losing a lawsuit

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Well you know there is another blogger who calls him out about that every month it appears the reason the site is down so much is because he don’t pay his hosting bill until his google check hit the bank that blogger pointed out the dates when google pays and sure enough everytime around those dates his blog wasn’t back up and running ?????

  • Sue

    I heard...fameolous. Sh!t is getting crazy out here. It makes you question all the powerful people who are really behind these "stars". Someone was writing a tell all book about Beyoncé a couple of years ago and right before it came out the book disappeared. It's so many secrets behind these celebrities.

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    He is still on that Hot Garbage Circus!

  • Sue

    It's not false. Kordell was caught in a lewd sex act with a man when he played for Philadelphia.

  • Bossy704

    Kordell is not gay. He is uber conservative and has very rigid ideas about traditional gender roles. Promise you this man is not gay. I'm sure he bared his buttocks to men plenty of time in the locker room and thinks nothing of it. Nice guy. People should get off this crap.

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    It is!! But katy Williams said in his stand up years ago he was at a party and some freaky stuff!! Those ills sleep with man woman child cats dogs and their own kinfolk ALLEGEDLY!! To get to the top or to stay there! Again ALLEGEDLY ?????

  • Kanyade

    I used to watch him back in the day before he got "Atlanta-famous" and I enjoyed him. But then his reviews/works started being real misogynist and I bonked out.

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    How is it? Never wanted to tune in.

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    When did this happen?

  • http://www.pureromance.com LA


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    Closes the closet door, get back in their Kordell...no one cares?

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    Nobody was even thinking about this video after all this time. So Kordell decides to sue this guy and bring attention to the video all over again? Doesnt sound smart to me.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I dont know if Kordell is gay or not.. but I dont know how you can say with such confidence that he's not gay.
    One of my coworkers is big in the gay scene here in Atlanta and he's told me there are a lot of men he knows in that lifestyle who are married 10+ years with kids etc., and their wives have no idea that they've dabble with men on the side for years.

  • brownisback

    I almost died when I read that over a year ago lol

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    I looked for 1/4th to give but apparently I'm all out!

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    Bey paid.... That author got paid to scrap the book. After celebs realized publishers will let voices like Superheads be heard, celebs will pay the author and buy the rights.

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    I remember that...he said he walked into the wrong room that night.

  • Kayke

    Kordell doesn't have billionaire Peter Thiel bankrolling his suit like Hogan did, so unlike Gawker, this guy will be okay.

  • i troll it like i see it

    If that's the case then there would be proof he was gay. And if he is gay why is he Dineva's obsession? Why the need to try to prove this one man is gay so badly? Do he and Porsha hate him that much?

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Ummm he played for Pittsburgh hun not Philly....

  • Bossy704

    I had a pretty lengthy conversation with him about it a few years back when he opened SportsOne with Peter here in Charlotte. I lived in NYC and visit Atlanta often and have a ton of gay friends (who know who all the down low celebrities are - with receipts) He ain't gay. He's conservative/Christian. I don't want to say he is controlling, but he needs a woman who will stay home.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Well if that's the case then I guess I would probably sue too, just to clear my name and reputation.
    But at the same time, he's just giving life to a story that most people had forgotten about.

  • MsVet

    I hope he wins. Funky dude is super messy!

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Yes and the fact that it’s still going on to this day is mind boggling

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    it was posted on another blog and got deleted this was when all the cheating stuff came out

  • sunni_daze

    If Porsche sent Dineva the picture why not sue her too, she did set the ball in motion. And even after he sued "I'm Delivert", "I'm Delivert" still said he had sex or sexual activity with Kordell.

  • interestingconcept1

    wait-there's a video of him and another man?, yet his not Gay???...you know what, I don't care.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • MythCalledLove

    Dineva stays in trouble. Poor "ting" I would not be able to understand him when he starts talking real fast. People be like WTF did he say? All hell forget it because I just cant understand WTF he just said.

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    Chuckling @ get back in their Kordell

  • Karen Brady

    Chuckling @ get back in their Kordell

  • Karen Brady

    Me no care.

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    And they got rid of Kat..hushed him up

  • Moon Lee

    Funky don't have any funds!Waste of time and energy! Keshia is a Downlow Ferry!?????

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    He must really need some money

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    Hey miss Nessa judge gurrllllll!!!!

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    Quick!! Knew he liked to smoke weed I knew when he was talking about that time he got a hold of some weed that had him acting crazy I said then THEY done slipped something in there on him and it wasn’t long after that all his trouble started ? ppl tend to forget that drug use can cause mental illness issues Katt ain’t been right since that and he didn’t start having all those mental breakdowns until after that either they said he talking too much turn him into a crack head with mental issues and no one will believe his story ?????

  • Jussjess25

    No a quarter ?

  • http://ebonynsweet.com Ebony N’ Sweet

    I could tell he's gay after looking at him for .005 seconds lol

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    This shit happen long ago. Why is Kordell bringing this shit up? No one even cares about him.

  • Kim DEe

    Leave Funky Dineva alone

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    .....They’re both two Gay Flowers ?

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    Naw he wasnt in a video with another man....he was alone but he was showing off his ass cheeks lol something a man wud want to see not a woman so its clear that it was a video intended for a man to see

  • Queen B

    U honestly don't know if he's gay or not ur assuming idc if u screw him every night (if u are a woman) u still don't know what ppl really do. Dont b too confident honey

  • interestingconcept1

    WHAT?! Showing off his a-cheeks?? LOL WHY???LOL He gay AS HELL.