Blotox injections

More women are opting for Botox injections in their scalps to make their hairstyles last longer, according to a report in Us Weekly.

Active women find that getting Botox injections — called Blotox — in their scalps decreases sweating and maintains their blowouts and silk press hairstyles longer.

“I have been doing Blotox for about eight years,” dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry tells Us Weekly. “I had a number of patients that were resistant to working out because they didn’t want to ruin their hairstyle or blowout.

She added: “It makes a huge difference for the working woman who wants to be fit but still look great. For patients with curly or kinky hair, their hair will remain straight longer.”

Dermatologist Dr. Cindy Bae has also seen an increase in clients asking for scalp injections.

“They won’t sweat as much so their blowout will last longer and their hair won’t feel or look as greasy,” Dr. Bae tells Us Weekly. “It’s interesting to see how much Blotox has taken off.”

Botox is only FDA approved for facial wrinkles, but dermatologists have found off-label uses for Botox in other parts of the body.

For instance, men and women get injections in their armpits to treat excessive sweating. And men get Scrotox injections to make their nether regions less wrinkly.

Stock photo by BSIP / Getty Images