Beyonce Knowles is said to be “furious” after paparazzi photos of her In Vitro Fertilization twins leaked online over the weekend. A photographer using a long distance zoom lens captured images of the chunky singer in Miami, Florida, holding her 6-month-old son Sir, while her mother, Tina Knowles, carried granddaughter Rumi.

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Beyonce is allegedly upset that the photos revealed her post-baby weight which contradicts the carefully airbrushed photos she’s been posting on her social media accounts.

Fans were shocked that Beyonce appears to be at least 3 sizes bigger than the pics she posts online.

The Carters’ attorneys are busy sending out a flurry of cease & desist letters to bloggers and websites, scrubbing the photos of her heavy backside from the Internet. An insider claims the photos are at least 2 months old, but we don’t believe that.

Why can’t Beyonce be honest for once in her life?




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