Clarence Thomas

In a rare TV interview, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas expressed concern over millionaire NFL athletes kneeling in protest during the National Anthem.

In an exclusive appearance on Laura Ingraham’s new Fox show “The Ingraham Angle”, Justice Thomas said the ongoing NFL protests increases tensions along racial and social lines.

Thomas suggested that the protests by millionaire NFL players threatens the symbols and values that most Americans hold dear.

“What binds us? What do we all have in common anymore?” Thomas asked. “When I was a kid, even as we had laws that held us apart there were things that we held dear that we all had in common,” he said.

“I think it’s a great country. I think we, for whatever reasons… some people have decided that the Constitution isn’t worth defending, that history isn’t worth defending, that the culture and the principles aren’t worth defending. Certainly if you are in my position, they have to be worth defending,” he said.

Clarence Thomas thinks millionaire athletes should get up off their knees and do something productive to uplift their communities.

Do you agree with Justice Thomas?