Jordin and Dana Sparks

Jordin Sparks finally found a man to put a ring on it and drop a baby in her. His name is Dana Isaiah Sparks and he’s reportedly a male model.

Jordin and Dana Sparks

We all know women like Jordin: beautiful on the outside but something is broken internally.

She can’t keep a man because they say she’s too demanding. It’s impossible to please a woman who wants marriage and a baby only a month into a relationship.

We she’s been with Dana for a few seconds because she was just taking selfies with another man last year.

Remember when singer Jason Derulo gave Jordin a whole room full of roses and that still wasn’t enough to please her?

Jordin and Dana Sparks

Aside from her narcissistic tendencies, Jordin appears to have a type.

They say Jordin prefers marshmallow soft, effeminate men who can be easily controlled and emasculated.

It’s amazing how others can see the warning signs but men like Dana are oblivious to them. Doesn’t he have any sisters or aunties to warn him about women like Jordin?

Below is just one of the brutally honest comments left on other blogs about Jordin and Isaiah Sparks.

Sometimes the truth hurts.


I Love Mushroom Tips said:

She has a type.. She loves those gay ass feminine feline men.. You know, the men that likes to “Purrrrrr”.. She has an addiction.. She struggles with power in the relationship.. She won’t date Tyrone, for he wields all the power and therefore will beat the shit and tampons out her ass.. Oh no.. She goes for the gay ass men.. The soft ass men.. The men who twists and turns in bed while listening to Drake and pinching their nipples.. The men who won’t fight back because their too busy shedding tears from getting their feelings hurt, making them ripe for a bitch slap to the face from the power hungry Alpha woman.. The men who gasps when a female grabs them by the throat and chokes their gay ass into submission.. Those are the men she loves.. Because those are the men she can beat their asses over and over behind closed doors while the public thinks she’s a good, kind and gentle woman.. The only man that can fully satisfy her pussy is the man who wishes he was born with a pussy.. He’s the man who cries when they make love.. As he’s about to climax, she wraps her hands around his neck and starts to choke his soft, gentle, feminine gay ass.. She has all the power in the bedroom, making her the “Tyrone” in the relationship. She loves to role play, pretending she’s Ike Turner and he’s Tina. One thing is certain, she’s the dick and he’s the pussy. Exactly how any Alpha female want their relationship to be.. She has a type.. He’s the bitch.. Glossy lips, douche bottle up the ass, tears of submission, fears of domination.. She has a type.