Beyonce Bill Whitten Michael Jackson

Sir Keith Holman writes in to correct my earlier post on Beyonce Knowles presenting Colin Kaepernick with the SI Muhammad Ali Award.

Beyonce wore a black sequined dress similar to the sequined jumpsuit worn by pop icon Michael Jackson in his “Rock With You” music video. I incorrectly stated MJ’s jumpsuit was designed by Michael Bush (of Tompkins & Bush).

Beyonce Bill Whitten Michael Jackson

The jumpsuit was actually designed by immensely talented Bill Whitten, who designed most of the Jackson 5‘s early tour costumes and Michael’s iconic military-inspired jackets, as well as his sequined glove (which Michael Bush took credit for).

Sir Keith Holman writes:

Hello Sandra, I was sent link to a story you had on Beyonce wearing a black and crystal striped outfit inspired by Michael Jackson’s his outfit was not designed by Michael Bush Mr. Jackson’s was designed by my mentor, friend and whom I had the privilege and designed with late Bill Whitten he designed for the Victory Tour and Japanese leg of the Bad tour. Mr. Whitten also co-designed with Michael Jackson and Stella Ruata the original gloves, socks, and military jackets. He was African American and a visionary he also worked with The Jackson 5, Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, Commodores, Neil Diamond, Earth, Wind and Fire, Siegfried and Roy to name a few. I hope you will make the correction.

Best regards,

Sir Keith Holman

*Email was edited for clarity