Keaton Jones

Celebrities reacted last night to the GoFundMe hoax perpetrated by a southern redneck who hoped to cash in on a viral video that claimed her son was bullied in school.

Both the Tennessee woman behind the hoax, Kimberly Jones, 37, and her son, Keaton, were exposed as racists and both of her GoFundme accounts were frozen last night after outraged social media users contacted the crowdfunding platform.

Keaton is not disabled mentally or physically; he was born with a cleft lip/palate which was repaired surgically but he has a permanent lisp. So if you fell for his little pity party, you got played.

Dozens of celebs hopped on the bandwagon offering cash, gifts and trips to Keaton -- without verifying that his story was even legit. They just went along with the crowd because that's what bandwagon riders do.

Stars such as singer Chris Brown and rapper T.I., expressed their regrets and urged their Instagram followers not to donate.

That's what they get for hopping on the bandwagon of every viral video on the Internet. There are thousands of kids who could use their help in the black community. But unfortunately, those kids will have to wait until their videos go viral.



Ok... So it seems as though we were somewhat mislead by what we saw yesterday in regards to Keaton. Now while I still stand by initial standpoint whole heartedly,I also believe in the laws of karma & reciprocity. I've always heard "What make ya laugh'll make ya cry." I'm thinkin this is a true example of that. But I STILL support Lil dude... even IF he's truly being given a taste of his own meds because when it's all said & done... while his family is spewing hatred around him... he himself will be able to speak from experience how much LOVE was shown to him on the gram by the very ones he's been taught to DISPISE!!! That's how we unlearn racism. THAT DONT MEAN GO DONATE NO MONEY THO!!!! I'm completely against ALL THAT?????!!!!??????????

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  • Ozad

    But these are the very same people who support and spew all the right wingnut conspiracy theories and racist views you prominently display on your site.

  • The Mrs.

    Charlemagne the God said he was going to show up wearing a Make America Great Again get. This is crazy to me. You gotta be careful with them go fund me accounts. And I agree with TI. It's not the young boy's fault. He is being taught my adults.

  • LolaSincere

    Man, this world is so screwed up. Celebs should feel stupid period for being paid way more then there worth!!! Teachers police fire fighters the real hero’s get paid crumbs while many many ppl support these celebs athletes and there million dollar careers to do what exactly??? Mislead the world?? I don’t know if his family is racsist because of that flag but whatever if the little boy was bullied does it matter what his family do?? He is in no control of that unless we see him spewing hate or his family spewing hate about blacks Jews Christians etc..... we support the very same thing in music especially rap artist like tip who glorify the trap life the anti woman bash movement the anti black ones that think it’s ok to rap about hating women and killing there own kind...yet they become rich and a overnight success..and the world wants to
    Put such ppl on high platforms...very very screwed up world! Now these celebs want to put this boy through even more torment because of his family?? WTf????? The main mfz mad aren’t doing anything better then that boys family if you ask me. Especially Tip who is an ex convict drug dealer and a cheater!! Chris Brown who tried to beat the life out of Rihanna and probably snorted a line before he typed that bs. Such hypocrites!!!

  • SandraRose

    And the adults were taught by who? That boy is old enough to know better. He's not 5.

  • xenaD

    I agree. I’m sure If his parents are racist, HES racist! His family taught him that behavior.

  • SandraRose

    I didn't say they were right. I agree that hip-hop helps to promote fake news on social media. It's toxic. People don't know where to turn to find the truth.

  • Breitbart_Savior

    Even famous people follow trends.

    Big negro athletic loves putting their happy-go-lucky support behind whinning White victims.

  • xenaD

    I didn’t even see the video before I heard about some racist stuff! Wth do people be doing lol

  • Breitbart_Savior

    He's a manipulator like his mom.

    Did you all not watch video? He should be an actor (or baptist preacher).

  • Breitbart_Savior

    Running to hop on rickety bandwagons.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Good morning

  • Breitbart_Savior

    You're no help. You reporting on Obama over the past years hasnt been always truthful.

  • wiseone

    Of course - racism is handed down from generation to generation.

  • Renee26

    I wonder if all the money raised will be returned or does she get to keep it

  • Tennessean

    Honestly, mom's questioning had me questioning the video. Now, I am no expert but it seemed like she capitalized on his "real feelings". Sadly, he may be learning hate but the "world" is BIGGER and MEANER so he probably was genuinely hurt. But Mom, talking about Christmas and "us whites sticking together" just confirmed my initial thought.

  • Tennessean

    it should definitely returned!!!

  • Malcom Flex

    That's why I don't coddle wp or ride for them at this board they got the whole world believing any lie they say.

  • Chassidy Jackson

    To all my blacks that donated, and jumped on this bandwagon head first...let me ask this? Why do we jump to the defense for them, when they don’t do the same for us and our cause?

  • SandraRose

    Not to blow my own horn, but I was the only one who wrote the truth about Obama. That's why Michelle Obama's office emailed me three times asking me to remove posts. They fear the truth.

  • SandraRose

    I knew something wasn't right when I heard his mom "interviewing" him like a reporter in the video.

  • Ghost

    This just makes it bad for children who ARE bullied and rally need a pick me up! Shame on all the celebrities who fell for this Christmas, new car and mortgage scam..smh.

    I did with REAL bullshit (racism) on my job EVERYDAY...maybe I'll start a GoFundMe account for the stress...I could use a nice Christmas present..smh and lol

  • Jen_no_juice

    Morning hun!

  • NorthDeKalb

    Wow, you called it yesterday.

  • klwbaby

    This family look like they are straight from the movie Deliverance. I swear I hear banjos every time I see their pics.

  • NeverSurprised

    ???????. Speak on it, Sandra.

  • You Could Never

    This is what I keep saying to folks who use that as an excuse. He is in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Just like my generation never grew up in a time without hip hop, AIDS, few other issues, this one never knew a time without any of that and the current racial climate. they know whats up. Believe me they do.

  • You Could Never

    Cleft palate is a genetic mutation that shows up A LOT in the issue of those born out of incest. Not the ONLY way it shows up. Of course it isnt. By any means. But in this case how do we know? IJS. Google it.

  • Oh Tommie

    That's what their dumb a$$e$ get. Let her keep the money...nigg@$ get GOT everyday B!

    Hopefully this will be a lesson to proactively pour into our community instead of jumping on the bandwagon to support others. I bet folks donated who wouldn't even support a struggling family member or one with a business. Where was the support for the 10 year old black girl who committed suicide? I digress...??

  • bran

    This is pathetic. I'm speechless.

  • Anunnaki

    I waz so disgusted by black are we really this fcking dumb to society...i opt out of life yesterday. I said we got to be the most oppressed people, yet always running to white folks.. ughhh, feeling sorry for these dam demons

  • Evillene

    The problem is that news and media outlets fall for this sh!t without vetting it. You see it on a morning news show and think it is legitimate and these are deserving people, not disgusting racist scam the family in the White House.

  • NeverSurprised

    This is what I posted 17 hours ago when Sandra initially posted the story:

    "This is why I don't do social media. Everybody is always so quick to jump on a damned bandwagon. Just because celebrities are posting about something doesn't make it a worthwhile cause. You don't know these people. This could be a family of ax murderers for all you know."

    If you insist upon running behind these celebs like trained puppies, co-signing every cause they promote, you will get defrauded, plain and simple. Stop idolizing these celebs and start thinking for yourselves.

    And stop being so addicted to social media and pay some attention to your OWN children.

  • brownisback

    As always here in OKC they're a day late and a dollar short!

    On the news they were talking about the original video and the police department had on their page "The men and women of @okcpd stand with Keaton Jones"

  • Mystique

    I read blogs, but Facebook, Snapchat, etc, I'm not on. I don't understand why people post pics of themselves and strangers to look at and comment on. This world is extremely narcissistic.
    Do people not get complimented enough in real life?

  • hottlanta

    Why you mad at celebrities and other people who know their worth and know how to get. The people who pay them are worth so much more but yet you are not made at the CEO who is worth billions but paying Stanley in the mailroom $7.50 an hour with no benefits and he works 16 hour days. We all have a price and if you work for less and don't wanna fight for a financial upgrade don't get mad at those who do.

  • sha35

    Wait till people realize that whole Kenneka shit a damn hoax .

  • missarewa

    Very good

  • Anunnaki


  • hottlanta

    Yall this was planted by Stacy Dash. She was sneaking back to black people while yall was supporting a GoFundMe fraud Mama June yesterday.

    Sportscaster Jemele Hill finds it funny how Stacey Dash can now be apart of an upcoming black film but when it came to black matters she was against us. Stacey Dash is supposedly slated to star in her cousin Damon Dash’s upcoming film Honor Up alongside Cam’ron. Hill called the Clueless actress out in a series of tweets saying that Dash was running back to black culture to find some work after being against us during her tenure at FOX News

  • EmpressMara Swt

    The gofundme was from a fake account, that money didn't go to the mother, BUT her instagram page has a paypal link which is still active and her page had 16.25 times more followers than the fake page so there is a possibility she has collected and continues to collect far more than $58k.

  • hottlanta

    I don't even give money to the kids that approach me trying to sell me candy on the street. They come up to me "I say no get away from me." Still waiting on Hannity to say fake news in bold letters and this is why the white community is in the shape it is in because of single parenthood and mom is able to work but too lazy to get a job but begging for welfare funds on the internet. I don't see any "all" white" panel with charts and graphs. I don't even see anyone saying she is a fraud, needs to go to jail and that child needs to be in foster care, etc, etc. I see nothing of the sort. .Folks using the boy being bullied as a cop out to not say anything bad about the mother. From the White House to Trailer Park "white privilege" prevails

  • Luvn_it

    The daughter said the mother page was private?

  • brownisback

    She was just on GMA and said posing with the confederate flag was meant to be ironic and funny..........

  • Carla
  • Kanyade

    daggone target .gif


    i worked for target for 8 years. i can never wear red and brown khaki again.

  • Carla
  • Luvn_it

    Sandra I thought you at least would do a little research instead of believing whatever you read on social media. Neither one of those accounts were ran by the mother 1 was shut down due to being a hoax the other was put on hold mainly due to the fact the person who started it didn't know the mother or family. So therefore the ppl at Gofundme didn't know rather or not she was the true beneficiary. She had nothing to do with any of these accounts racists she may be but ppl out here trying to use her son for a come up and her being blamed isn't really right.

  • klwbaby


  • Mrs. ??????????

    I'm so over this story....From the beginning I knew it was something fishy about it.

  • Indies beauty

    A mess... social media is your biggest fan or your worst enemy. I feel bad for the boy though but that's life, and it ain't mines.

  • Mrs. ??????????
  • Luvn_it

    She never got it b/c the account wasn't started by her it was started by a stranger unrelated to the family.

  • Mrs. ??????????

    That's why I don't have Instagram, face book, and all that other crap. I talk to and see my family and friends IN REAL LIFE. Most people live in a fantasy world where likes and adulation from strangers is worth more them than living real life.

  • Renee26

    Oooooooh Ok.... that person probably mad than a bih...cause you already know they were taking a cut LOL

  • Passion

    Goes to show how people are easily fool and manipulated to believe whatever social media wants them to believe. I question everything and in most cases you can tell when something is a scam. The homeless man that got $400,000 was suspect, I don't get collecting money for something simple as getting gas for someone. There's kids out there that needs help but if it's not an animal or some "homeless" drug addict you rarely hear about or react to it. Keep being stupid.

  • Soda

    You stay trying to define someone's worth based on what they earn, always asking, "What's in your wallet?" and using celebrities for comparison. Your attitude seems to be 'Get money any way you can, there's no wrong way.' Celebrities are nothing special. Most become famous by luck or nepotism. Just because a person like Stanley earns less than what you view as substantial doesn't mean he's worthless. In fact, he's probably a better person than the celebrities you so admire.

  • hottlanta

    I stand by what I said we all have a price. Cut through your thesaurus and call the boy mom a fraud and demand that she goes to jail.

  • AnotherBlackGirl


  • suganspice68


  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    I looked at the video and automatically said to myself "This kid needs to Man up". Parents teach their kids to be submissive and weak... I never felt sympathy for the kid at all. He got two hands and he needs to use it to go upside those kids head lol... Hopefully when he turns 18, and can go to a liberal college and get far away from his racist family, and do better.

  • bella28498 .

    you ni99a s got finessed always sympathizing with the oppressor.

  • Rihanna and Snoop Dog

    You have all of these black celebrities coming out for this kid, and when there were blacks who were being bullied, not one came out for them.
    Some celebrity blacks always feel the need to kiss white folks butt, makes them relevant in white folks eyes......Rihanna and Snoop dog do not have
    respect for black anything besides their money.......

  • Black celebrities do better

    Yep! you are 100% correct. Black celebrities will JUMP at the chance to help white folks because it makes them relevant, they
    ignore our plight because they feel they won't get the recognition, but y'all give these black celebrities your money........WHERE Were THEY WHEN THE BLACK GIRL KILLED HERSELF OVER BEING BULLIED.........A MONTH BACK!!

  • Ozad

    I agree wholeheartedly, but Fox News also helps promote fake news

  • AnotherBlackGirl

    The massa slave mentality is still prevalent with many Black people today. Although slavery ended over 200 years ago for Black people in this country their love and dedication and the need to help and protect anyone that is white still runs deep.

  • samuel severino

    Thank you for this article. Every parent of an autistic kid I know couldn’t wait to post her story.

  • Ny MaGee

    "But unfortunately, those kids will have to wait until their videos go viral".--> THIS.

  • samuel severino


  • yvette46

    Black people are really getting on my last nerve!! Love to rescue whitey when they don't give a damn about us (you).. The coonery is real..

  • Mister Fantastic

    Ole Boss Is We Sick? Capping Arse Negroes...

  • Guess Who


    That’s what they get for hopping on the bandwagon of every viral video on the Internet. There are thousands of kids who could use their help in the black community. But unfortunately, those kids will have to wait until their videos go viral.

  • mrcomputerchip


  • mrcomputerchip


  • Candance

    Right.... it was sad and all, but that shit is happening everywhere all the time. What made his tears more special... especially to make you go straight to go fund me..... that was so odd to me/

  • Applebootay

    Well she need to sign him up for acting classes because I fell for it via my heart NOT my had said that ...he was born with a cleft lip/palate which was repaired surgically but he has a permanent lisp.

    So explain what had happened to his head...he has an very long and obvious surgical scar on his that get there? Receipts Sandra, Receipts?

  • Applebootay

    I would've chased her WTF did she say? Embarrassed the shit outta her...why let her get away with that? THEE entire store would've known what her kid said...

  • Applebootay

    LOL! I need this in my life.

  • Applebootay

    ok...didn't know that...people commenting as if Sandra didn't make up her version of this story as well....SMDH

  • Applebootay

    Well that explains it...HER COUSIN...Damon Dash....

  • Applebootay

    Its so many lies and twisted version of the truth here. a HOAX means that it was malicious and intentional deception....that her kid was not ever bullied in school and she coached him to perform for the cameras.
    2) Did she, being the white trash that she is, just choose to use said video (which could be true), to capitalize on for money?

    Which is it? Was he actually bullied or nah?

  • TheOwley

    I was wondering the same. Did she orchestrate the whole thing including the hoax, as in there was no bullying, and coaching the kid. Or did she feel she hit the jackpot after video taping her son's reaction to an event that did happened in school. It doesn't give clarity except the next case real or not will get the side eye.

  • TheOwley

    I didn't question the fund setting because these days one is set up for just about everything. Since money came from everywhere the feds should investigate and ensure the mother does not profit from the hoax.

  • ZZZ

    Someone posted the picture of the Jones for a reason. The little boy isn't as innocent as his mother wants everyone to believe. Anyway, I read that the school he attended dealt with the issue at hand around April or May and reported no incidents since. Also, I believe he may be a bully himself and was just getting some payback.

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    This chick Smh. Exploiting her son for money/Instagram likes. Does she not have a job instead of having to do some shady shi t like this?

  • Chassidy Jackson

    Say it louder so the fools in back can hear??????

  • Dainese

    Hush the F up about this kid.

  • Jussjess25

    Thanknyou !!!!! Fckin coons

  • Jussjess25


  • Patricia

    ok, my black folks are such hypocrites. always pointing out the one sin of racism while they continue all their dirt.
    i grew up in a predominately black community (dekalb county) where every single time ive been lied to, lied on, robbed, cheated, abandoned, used, abused, conned, mistreated etc Etc ETC has been by BLACK people, old and young, my entire life. i dont want to hear no more mess about what "the white man" boogeyman has done when black folks brazenly do the same and worse to my face. obviously, EVERYBODY is equally trifling in some way or another. evil and lowdown have no color. i hope this white k k k family enjoys shopping with their fake fundraising money. why not.

  • Kim’s Original Face

    I saw the video it was sad but I was not donating then all this comes out mom being racist and just wanting the money. I am pretty sure there she still getting some type of money off of all this she got enough exposure....Its bigger problems in the world smh

  • Doc J

    I agree that black folk are quick to have compassion on a white kid, and less likely to do the same for a black kid. But the sad truth is, a lot of us black folk, especially those living in the elite world of famous athletes and actors, are subject to the same images, ideas, and stories that generate more compassion for white people than black. The same forces also make us more suspicious of young black men than young Asian or white men. Not excusing it, just sayin'

  • yvette46

    I totally get what your saying but you have to use your brain that was given to you.. White folk are the true devil I don't associate myself with none..

  • yvette46

    And. Hallelujah!!

  • yvette46

    I just been through to much with White folks. I feel how they feel. They (whites)think every black person is ghetto and I think and know every white person is RACIST. So they or he get no sympathy from me..