Evan Turner

NBA player Evan Turner had an unexpected guest drop in unannounced on Wednesday. The Portland Trail Blazers guard wasn’t at home when a trucker lost control of his rig, crashed through a guard rail and plunged 20 feet into Evans’ backyard swimming pool in Portland, Oregon.

Emergency responders rescued the driver from his semi-truck which was submerged in the pool.

One EMT worker held his head above the water while fire & rescue workers used the jaws of life to extricate him from the cab of the truck.

Witnesses say at least 8 emergency personnel worked to free the driver who was transported to a hospital where he is being treated for serious internal injuries.

“I wasn’t aware that the driver was injured or how badly,” Turner, 27, said Wednesday. “But I’m obviously grateful that the first responders were able to rescue him and I hope and pray he’ll be fine.”