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Blac Chyna and Dream; Kelly Rowland and Titan Witherspoon

Blac Chyna, left, and Kelly Rowland, right, were spotted out about with their adorable children on Sunday. Blac Chyna, 29, couldn't help but shower her daughter Dream with kisses after a day at the park in Studio City, Calif. Blac took her kids Dream and King to the park with friends. Later, she was spotted wearing a waist trainer, black leggings, and black Yeezy Boost sneakers as she jogged around the park with friends.

Photos by Luis / EVGA / BACKGRID

Kelly Rowland and her son Titan head for breakfast at Barrel & Ashes

Kelly Rowland, 36, was spotted with her son Titan Witherspoon as they headed out for breakfast at Barrel & Ashes in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Kelly looked happy and casual wearing a black sweatshirt, leather pants and a pair of Air Jordan 1 Flyknit sneakers (retail $180).

Air Jordan 1 Flyknit



  • Chile_Pleeze

    i love babies! these are cute.., not all babies.. but these babies are adorable!

  • Vonn

    Black Chyna really needs to get corrective surgery for her rump. Her butt looks detachable. Remove whatever is in there.

  • MissyJ

    Is there weave in Kelly son hair???


    Not a lick of sweat in sight! Girl go sit down's not like we don't know you stay under the knife.??????????

  • Ni Ni

    Despite my apathy for Destiny's children, Kelly has grown on me. She seems to be down to earth and a good, hands on mom...Bravo Kelly. Po Dream?.

  • Gloria

    Always been a fan of Kelly but her son favors Jigga....

    Dream is adorable and Black Chyna's "friends" need to tell her that her butt got her looking crazy and deformed out here.

  • Lady_Elle

    Dream always looks like she's trying to get away from her mother!

  • ShelbyMoore

    Chyna just passing that big as$ head on to all the kids. As$ look weirder than ever. SMH. How does even get washed properly?

  • ShelbyMoore

    Those Yeezy shoes are so fawking ugly.

  • the conscious one

    Kelly's son is adorable, looking like his daddy.

  • SpillyNillie

    Dream and Titan are cuties!

  • Scromes1212

    I'm confused. If they can ingect fat into your butt then why can't they ingect fat into your thighs to even it out a little better?

  • You Could Never

    Cute kids.

  • Look@m3

    That's so not nice!!! OMG

  • SpiceGirl

    awww that was cold...lmbo. But I will say this...I watched BC snapchat the other day and it was of her sondaughter and oh emm gee....I don't know if it was the filter or what but baby boy does have a BIG head...cutie tho

  • Renee26

    Eww that girl is so ill built

  • mona q

    They can but these ladies don't want them to? Fat can be injected into most areas of the body so....I don't know why you would want to walk around looking ridiculous....

  • Renee26

    She got all that fat injected and didn't consider how it would look when she gains and loses weight...she's gone back for more than a few transfers so it's fat on top of fat and her little legs are suffering. Looks like she's had some lipo to her arms too because they're not shaped right either

  • mona q

    I'm hoping K Michelle will inspire some of these ladies but I guess if you got fat transfer and not implants, you are stuck...

  • mona q

    Well she had her forehead fixed and his father has a giant forehead too which I think he had fixed...cute lil kid will grow into it.

  • Renee26

    Naw they're not stuck...they can lipo their azzes

  • SpiceGirl

    whoa....forehead fixed? you can do that? oh emm gee......

  • Coy little wink

    I'm confused...ingect?

  • Renee26

    Lol petty

  • Renee26

    LMAO that's what I was thinking....he had hair implants done and she just pulls her wigs forward

  • SpiceGirl

    pahahahahaha...I just spit my water out reading that. Now THAT was funny!

  • Tammie Reed

    I am not a sneaker head like that but to each it's own. Their kids are cute!


    that girl is not cute! sorry

  • mona q

    I don't like to talk about other people kids but U are so right, she is not cute at all, she looks like her fat azzz daddy Rob and he is ugly so umm yeah. But kelly son is a very handsome little boy.

  • Renee26


  • Renee26

    Now this is something the girls with no edges should be getting Care Credit for instead of those booties


    im on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was talking bout chyna ugly, gremlin lookin azzz!

  • Renee26

    Soooo they said Ray J has gotten caught cheating by way of a video and Princess Love said it's over...can we get a story on that??

  • Marlika

    Chyna has one of those nasty diaper looking booties like the Kardashians hoes. ?

  • Renee26

    They all use the same doctor

  • Nina Ross

    So she's promoting kanye's brands... ok

  • Trace da Ace

    well both kids are beautiful!!! Chyna.....maannn....that girl got a mean hustle long she got them kids, she set.

  • Karen Brady

    Chyna's ass.... teee heeeeeeeee

  • Dowoop

    Family discount.

  • SpiceGirl

    shut the front door! I done seen it all now!!


    Oh my bad lol!!!!


    its all good girl :)

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Love Chy but hate that diaper arse. I wonder if she see's these photos. Her daughter is a cuite most def got them Kardashian genes!! Kelly's son is too cute. Kelly just seem hella cool and down to earth to me like shes your rich friend who still lowkey ratchet and eat chicken wings from the corner store but will still drop a stack in the club. Her energy seems very positive and dope!

  • Tee Bullock

    Ughhh her butt, I cant?????

  • BadAss Will

    I love them both...

  • Vonn

    Then she better get a fat De-transfer, or burn it or something.

  • Liah

    Kelly son is getting soo big cutie!....That butt...SMDH...10 years from now these chicks are going to have alot of health problems....I just dont get it!

  • cherrypie

    Heard that on IG. Something she posted a few days ago. SMH and she pregnant???

  • Vegas1989

    WOW....Them are not chicken legs....Let's call them Flamingo Legs...SMH...That Diaper Booty CAN NOT BE SUPPORTED By Stork Legs...Wow...them legs keep change with the skinny birds....LOL...Please my sisters...Stop building and added to yourself..The store for kids is call Build-A-Bear not Brood.....LOL..

  • Vegas1989

    My computer just froze up because of those baby Flamingo legs....LOL....IT peeps coming to my desk...And they are happy that they are not replacing my keyboard.....LOL

  • Renee26

    Yeah...saying there's no point in staying for the kids....I think she's just being dramatic and will stay. After all...who was she before she got with Ray J???

  • SumthinSweeter

    LMAOOooOOOoOOoooo... you need to go stand in the corner!

  • SDot

    chyna fake body is so gross.
    Those fake bodies aint use to pics that's impromptu.....Must be calculated only.
    She look scared and stiff body too. YUCK SHE'S SO NASTY!

  • dontgetblocked

    I hate to say it but Dream got Rob's fat gene. He was fat as a kid and he's fat now.

  • den

    Don't be sorry , truth...she not pretty at allllll

  • den

    Not dream ..look again

  • den

    His head is yuge

  • Bonita Johnson

    LMAO ???? baby flamingo legs?? Really?? ????????

  • Bonita Johnson

    Whomever thinks Kelly baby look like blue is reaching for mars!!! That lil boy looks just like her ?

  • Sleepy One

    Seriously Chyna need to stop wearing tights, she looks horrible in them.

  • Chile_Pleeze

    but point to the lie....

  • SpiceGirl

    well that truly isn't a lie.... : }

  • Renee26

    Lol IJS

  • Ro


  • CaramelDream

    That fake booty looks ugly . . . .

  • Dr.Rue

    Kelly's son has fake braided hair???

  • Legacy

    Highly doubt it. People just don't realize that kinky/curly hair shrinks up to 25% of it's length in it's natural state. So just because it looks wayyy shorter when he is sporting that cute little afro, that doesn't mean that's his actual hair length. I may do a blow out for the first time in years just to see what my actual length is sometime this year.

  • Legacy

    Everything on that rat faced person is ugly.....especially her attitude!

  • Legacy

    Sometimes I think he looks just like her then on days like today, he looks JUST like his dad to me. They seem to have the same exact face in these pics. He's a little cutie regardless.

  • Dr.Rue

    Nothing about length, his hair just looked fake to me.