Ryan Cameron Frank Ski

Frank Ski (right) is the most likely in-house talent to replace outgoing morning man Ryan Cameron, who announced he is leaving the station to pursue a partnership position at a branding company.

Ryan made the surprise announcement on V-103 Morning Show on Friday.

“I have done everything I can in this field,” said Cameron, who has worked for V-103 for 18 years. “It’s time for another chapter in my life.”

Ryan will join Atlanta-based branding firm Rakanter as a partner. He has the opportunity to work with major brands such as AT&T, Coca Cola, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Jets, according to AJC.com.

“What I need to do is better myself,” Cameron said. “I’ve been presented an opportunity to do something a lot of people of color aren’t able to do. That is being brought in on the ground level of a very successful business as a partner. Not an employee but a partner.”

Frank Ski, who left the V-103 morning show in 2012 for a coveted syndicated radio gig in Washington, DC, returned to the station on the weekends a few years ago.

He’s been biding his time waiting for his former job to open up again. His former partner Wanda Smith is already part of the show.

Other possible contenders to replace Ryan are in-house talents Big Tigger, Ramona Debreaux and Emperor Searcy.

Who is your choice to replace Ryan Cameron?