London Breed

San Francisco is in an uproar after the city’s black female interim mayor was ousted in favor of a white male 1 percenter. Interim Mayor London Breed was replaced by venture capitalist Mark Farrell at a contentious board meeting on Tuesday.

Breed became interim mayor in December when Mayor Ed Lee died suddenly of a heart attack while shopping. Lee, 65, was the first sitting mayor to die in office since Chicago’s first black mayor, Harold Washington, died in 1987.

Breed was next in line to succeed Lee, according to Breitbart News, but she was ousted during an intense Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday night.

“Farrell initially secured the seat by a 7-2 vote but faced a second vote when Supervisor Katy Tang withdrew her initial vote of support. In the end, Farrell took office with a 6-3 vote,” according to Bay Area public radio station KQED.

The room erupted with shouts of “racism” after the vote was announced.

“This is war!” some reportedly shouted as board members left the chambers quickly.

Asked if she thought her ouster was due to racism, Breed took the optimistic approach.

“I don’t want to dwell on that particular element because it has sadly brought out the worst in some people. And so what I am trying to do as a leader in this city is bring out the best in people,” she said, adding, “I am still on the ballot June 5, and we need to get fired up and ready to go!”

In 2015, Breitbart News reported, San Francisco tech workers were slowly moving into traditionally black neighborhoods and displacing black families.

A bus transporting Apple workers from a once black neighborhood to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino was rerouted to a different street after it was hit by rocks and bottles last month.