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An Atlanta city councilman introduced a plan to employ self-proclaimed "water boys" to get them off the streets.

Water boys earn cash to make ends meet by selling bottles of water to motorists in busy intersections.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms attempted to crack down on the illegal practice after residents complained about crimes committed by the enterprising boys selling water on city streets and off-ramps.

Bottoms threatened to arrest the boys amid reports of violent confrontations with motorists.

The youngsters have also been targeted by older boys who assault and rob them. Last June, a water boy was shot to death by a jealous rival during an argument over a lucrative intersection.

Councilman Antonio Brown introduced a plan to employ water boys during Monday's council meeting, CBS 46 News reported.

If approved, the plan would involve the city's water department creating a bottling and distributing program offering mid-wage jobs.

The city would specifically hire water boys to fill the newly created positions.

Meka Pless, the mother of 18-year-old Jalanni, who was killed in a verbal dispute with another boy over $10, thinks Brown's plan is a waste of time.

"It's just entirely too much," Pless exclusively told CBS 46 News. "Who is to say this is going to change anything?," she added.

But some of the water boys welcome the new plan if it will protect them from harm.

CBS 46 News spoke with Bob John, a water boy hawking bottles at the intersection of 17th and Spring Streets in Midtown Atlanta.

John said a few criminals have given Atlanta's water boys a bad reputation.

"If you gon' sell water, sell water," said John. "All that trying to act like you selling then you steal somebody purse, that ain't right."

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Former White House communications director Hope Hicks reportedly pleaded with President Donald Trump for weeks to give her back her job that is currently held by Stephanie Grisham.

31-year-old Hicks was willing to leave her $1 million a year job as communications director at Murdoch's Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News. She reportedly said taking the job at Fox was "a mistake."

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Trump, 73, reportedly declined to rehire one of his longest-serving advisers - and for good reason.

Hicks, pictured with Trump in 2018, abruptly left the White House amid rumors that Melania Trump, 49, objected to her presence around her powerful husband. It doesn't help matters that Hicks resembles a younger Melania.


To keep the peace in the White House's private residence, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner stepped in and offered to re-hire Hicks himself. Kushner, 39, is married to Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, 38. They share three children.

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In a statement on Thursday, Kushner (pictured with Ivanka) said Hicks will be implementing the President's agenda. Her official title will be counselor to the president, and she will work closely with Kushner on Trump's reelection campaign.

Anti-Trump critic Andrew Laufer, a civil rights attorney, claims he knows the real reason Hicks is back in the White House.

"Was just told by one of my contacts that the actual reason why Hope Hicks is being brought back to the WH is due to Trump's declining mental state," he tweeted.

Another Twitter user echoed Laufer's statements by claiming Hicks was being brought back due to Trump's "worsening dementia."

Hicks is not a licensed therapist. Neither is Laufer.

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The mayor of a small Georgia town is on the hot seat for remarks she made about a Black candidate for the job of city administrator. Hoschton is a small Georgia hamlet that, until today, many Atlantans didn't know existed. Mayor Theresa Kenerly may have put put the tiny town of fewer than 2,000 residents on the map when she withheld a candidate from consideration for the job of city administrator because he is Black.

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By the time Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms took office on Jan. 2, 2018, her promise to the citizens of Atlanta to run a transparent administration was broken, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigative report.

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Cardi B

Some may think of Cardi B as an unintelligent ratchet rapper who is not well-versed on current events, but she has dominating the headlines and cable news programs all week after speaking out against President Donald Trump's partial government shutdown, which is in its 27th day.

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Cracks have begun to appear in President Donald Trump's steely armor, as he lashed out at reports that suggested he worked with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump denied the allegations after a Washington Post report detailed an FBI investigation into Trump's alleged dealings with Russia.

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TSA Agents

Transportation Security Agency officers are quitting their jobs as the partial government shutdown continues into the third week. President Donald Trump ordered a partial gov't shutdown on Dec. 22 after Democratic lawmakers refused to approve $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

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