Fenty Beauty

Rihanna's FENTY BEAUTY Instagram account posted a video teaching women how to use foundation and highlights to cover nasty bruises and other facial blemishes.

While some applauded Fenty Beauty's efforts, not everyone appreciated the makeup tutorial.

One IG user wrote: "yo my blush and contour came out like that once when i got up at 4 am and did my makeup in the dark."

Another user noted the model's face "looks like a sunburn".

The rude remarks prompted a FENTY BEAUTY rep to inform IG users that the tutorial is not for "daily makeup look", "it’s [for] editorial and stage."

What do you think of the tutorial?



    Is there also a tutorial about how not to be a ho and sleep with everybody you meet, she is no better than any other ho who sleeps around, she just has money...............and Leave chris brown out of this shit because she got as good as she gave, that is why she is alone. don't no man want to be bothered with her drunken outbursts.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Sandy, I thought you were serious about them doing an IG post on covering up bruises.
    Girl, you play too much.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I'm confused. Where does it say something about covering up bruises

    In related news, I heard Rhi was slated to outsell the Kardashians. Yassssss! Make a chick want to buy some lip gloss or something.

  • MoniquetheGeek


  • klwbaby

    Who said anything about Chris Brown?

  • Renee26

    My whole face would fall off...the way my sensitivity is set up

  • Renee26

    Right...I gasped

  • Renee26

    Fake comment kinda day for you huh????

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    You got receipt heaux?

  • SpillyNillie

    Ummmm...this was clearly being applied for the "stage" most likely a fashion show. REEEEAAAAACCCCCHHHHH!

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Bish>>>>>>>>> The Door

  • You Could Never

    Ummm she is not alone she has had the same bf now for over a year?

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Fenty Beauty is my ish! Auntie dont play!!

  • hottlanta

    Those who can't get dycks are mad at those who do. I know, I know you tired of your stale salty dyck and can't get another or you are celibate by default not because you want to be but don't nobody wanna bang you. She is single and doing what she is supposed to do ENJOY IT!!!!

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker
  • You Could Never
  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker
  • millz
  • ThottyPippen

    Sandra dislocated her shoulders with the reach on this title...lol. This was makeup for the dancers, etc. for her performance last night.

  • hottlanta

    Yep. There are some women who can wear makeup and the ugly still comes through. Makeup can't cover up ugly. Some people expect tooooo much.

  • You Could Never

    Christopher Tracy. So beautiful

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker


  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    What Rhianna or any other woman does with her box is her business. Go get you some dack and a good nights rest hun.

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    I holleredddddddddddd

  • hottlanta

    If they were getting some they ain't got time to worry about someone else getting some. Dayum shame got a calendar on the wall to mark when the last time they had some and the boxes are still blank.

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Shes acting all informed and shit ???

  • Kanyade


  • therealkym


  • Ling

    ? ?

  • RealATLPeach36

    Okay... makeup covers up blemishes, bruises, etc. etc. etc. that’s the purpose... coverage...right?

    RiRi can give two rats ? ass what you choose to cover...

    What’s the issue?

  • teather

    Keep advertising for Rih. She loves it! She had bruises so perhaps she's speaking from experience. Ever think of that?! You all talked about her bruises until they healed and years later reminding her constantly of the pain she endured. Now, you want to criticize her for using her experience to sell her product? She gives zero f&cks about y'all. She's laughing to the bank while you upload the video.

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Nice try. That's not what the video caption said. ?

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    Domestic abuse is very serious. I think Fenty Beauty should be applauded. Unfortunately, they used the wrong makeup artist for this tutorial.

  • Lady_Elle

    Go Rhi-Rhi... she is ignoring the haters!!!
    Rhi-Rhi used to CLAP BACK with a quickness...

  • dontgetblocked

    I love the makeup line.

  • Cara

    Does Sandra wants to eat Rihanna? Smh and confuse

  • Panther Charleston

    I thought I was catching the dementia until I read the comments. #etarms

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    It is serious but they were doing the make up for a show.
    Hey, how are Tiny & her daughter eyes doing? Is the surgery safe, yet?

  • Blue


  • Dowoop

    I'd give it 10 yrs then see if they can still see.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    If they can still see? The heavy make up is on their cheeks.

  • Dowoop

    You asked about Tiny and her daughters eyes..smh

  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    Shut the hell up. You one of those hoes who let a man beat your ass. Women like you are the type that will take up for a man. Weird ass. What did Rihanna do to you??? Do you call men hoes to, I bet you will sleep with a man who've be with tons of hoes shut up.

  • Trace da Ace

    lol!! btw....LOVE your name!!!

  • BadAss Will

    Or it can be people not preparing it right

  • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

    No way. I mean, look at her. ?


    I like the price of her foundation and it goes on like a gel..
    The makeup look is wack in the video..

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Thay was down bad for doing that girl face like that smdh

  • kekeb

    She TOO rich now and her dude is too. She is booked, busy and running businesses (Fenty Puma and Fenty Beauty). GIRL she ain't got time for these peasant IG trolls lol