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Bruno Mars with Grammys President Neil Portnow at 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Grammy Awards President Neil Portnow responded to public criticism that the 2018 Grammy Awards major category winners were 75% male. Portnow responded to the backlash that sparked a #GrammysSoMale hashtag on on Sunday.

Only one woman took home a trophy in a major category -- Alessia Cara who won for best new artist.

Portnow said if female artists want to be better represented at the Grammys, they must "step up" and create more opportunities for themselves. It's not enough to twerk and dress half naked in music videos and onstage.

“It has to begin with, women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls, who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, producers, and want to be part of the industry on the executive level," Portnow told Variety magazine.

He added: "[They need] to step up because I think they would be welcome... I think it’s upon us — us as an industry — to make the welcome mat very obvious, breeding opportunities for all people who want to be creative and paying it forward and creating that next generation of artists.”

Hawaiian native Bruno Mars swept the awards with 6 trophies, while rapper Kendrick Lamar walked away with 4 prizes.

Rapper JAY-Z, who received 8 nominations, was completely shut out.

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  • tintin

    oh boy here we go

  • You Could Never

    Im over folks being so stupid. There have been years where women SWEPT the damn major catagories. 2012 when Adele damn won all the awards. 2002....? IDK the year Norah Jones swept. Even further back the year it was all Celine/Lauryn. Like STFU and go back and actually LOOK.

  • Chile_Pleeze

    How is ole girl a new artist when her debut dropped in 2015????

  • iWasteTime
  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    Sza was robbed and even Jigga deserved atleast one. I bet you Jay and Bey will not be attending no time soon due to that snub. And to have him sit in the front row smh. Bruno Mars album was good but it wasn't as great as his other albums. And ole boy up top aint gonna have his job for much longer after that statement...

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Googling info is too much like right.

  • Dowoop

    People will always find something to complain about. They couldnt complain about minorities this year so they say not enough women. Im getting tired of these movements that take away from important things.

  • You Could Never


  • MoniquetheGeek

    I was thinking that when they announced her name like wasn't she signed and had a hit song a few years ago? How does "new artist" work? Then I thought, well, SZA was nominated too. She's not new, but this is her first mainstream album, I think.

  • 1BlueStar

    While I do believe SZA should have won over Alessia, I really do believe the ones who didn't win, shouldn't have won. I don't think Jay's album was all that either, but any who.
    People will find anything to protest. Now it seems like 'some' women want recognition for just being women.

  • You Could Never

    Now this I havent figured out. Bruno met eligibilty requirements. Im still trying to figure this one tho

  • Dollface

    Can we get a Janelle Monae post so I can talk about how fabulous she is? Thanks :)

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    it is what it is.... Folks can't pay for those awards no more going forward ... And these so called elite celebs is big mad... The ones .The so called Illuminati chile. .. Didn't I tell you folks these devil worshiping dark folks will loose... Their little rituals aren't working folks pay attention .... Bigger shyt under the surface

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed


  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile ? and they still trying to do those sick empty rituals which does include harming kids.. . Problem is the ones their harming are not God's kids ... It's actually their own spawns ... SMH .. Instant failure ... I laugh at folks being afraid of these folks... When actually these same elites etc are afraid of the very people they had control of in the past.... It may seems like I'm rambling ... But I see the shyt and see them failing miserably as they should... Expect more perves being exposed shortly and please believe they are doing it so do not be fooled who gets exposed ... These folks have been masters at manipulating ... Which means it could be you favorite elite couple celebrity doing some heinous shyt for power behind the scenes and have been... No level with them bew ... Stay woke

  • hotntot95

    That irritating human factor..people always needing validation from other people and NEVER satisfied.

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Beyonce, Rhianna, Adele, SZA, Camilla, Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj what other female artist are really in the game.

  • Renee26

    I'm just laughing at the pic with the grinning negros all trying to get in the shot

  • Renee26

    Rita Ora and Iggy Azelia (sp) lol

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    I would like to see Vivian Greene up there... Love that woman... Yuna too my gal there ... So many beautiful female artist that get slept on by the Grammy's ... But I see em ... And bless them... Blewp you don't need the Grammy's anymore for validation ....

  • iWasteTime

    I hollared!!! Snorted and all

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Im not bout to play witchu!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Renee26

    LMAO we can't leave Auntie's favs off the list

  • ThottyPippen

    This is one Grammys where the one's that should have won, won. Give or take a couple of categories.

    Also, last year was the the heavy hitters: Adele, Rih, Beyonce, Solange. Next year will be Taylor's year.

  • Renee26


  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Exactly. back in the day being nominated for Grammy was a big deal and it was an even bigger deal if you won. They had requirements then and they actually nominated talented people. But since the number of artist of value are scarce, they just nominating any ole damn body. Like come on now. The Grammy's have been a joke to the industry for years now. Winning a Grammy after 2013 don't mean chit. Somewhere after 2013 all these dumb arse rappers and singers came out the woodwork and heavy too!! I miss real music and real award shows.

  • Renee26

    I STILL have no idea who she is

  • MiamiMoon

    Black people started the trend of complaing about award shows. They complained when Beyonce did not when (she did not deserve to win album of the year) at the grammys and Black people complained about the oscars and Black women complaining about this and that at award shows.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™


  • Anji

    I was a voting member of a non-diverse body. The popular genres often miss the most talented. I've received nods as an engineer and have mentored youth, but not many females were interested. Women have been stepping up. Helping hands are welcomed. This is not about talent.

  • Enoughsaid2020

    These award shows are ran by a machine, controlled by white men. I only listen too certain artist, which most are old school, indie, or alternative.

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Nigga y'all literally only give beyonce pink or taylor swift grammys as if they are the only ones making music and im a pink superfan dont act like this was the excePtion to the rule! Hell yall ignored rihanna anti even though it was the album of the year stfu

  • Li

    He's right. I don't know of any female producers ever being nominated, I wouldn't know female producer's names, but I know plenty of men's names. I don't know of any female engineers. The females seem to want to be "stars". I've seen females who were writers who turned and became singers (where are they now?). But he's right about the females want to be dress hogs and pose for the camera, instead of going behind the scenes.

    Look to the movies. We have more behind the scenes women now, therefore more noms.

  • Li

    You make sense. We see with the movies more and more women behind the scenes - producing, directing, writing and they are getting noms and winning.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    There's a lot of truth in what he's saying, even if it's not politically correct to say stuff like that nowadays.

  • NicoleZee

    Grammy president needs to grow a dick. There are plenty of female artists that make good music, the Grammy's just chooses not to recognize or nominate them. Putting women down about their capabilities won't help matters. The Grammy's is simply a popularity contest just like any other awards show, period.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    This is all about damned if you do, damned if you don't. We all know sex sells and sadly for women they do better when they show their bodies and when they don't they have to work harder to get noticed because they're going purely off their talent not visuals (as in being half naked). The other sad part is some women are content with that, a lot of them don't strive for more beyond showing off. So damned if you show your body and damned if you don't.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    It's disgusting.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Any argument to further convince females that they/we are oppressed and men are evil...smdh

  • Li

    I was just reminded -- the Grammys started merging the boys with the girls about 2-3 years ago. There are no separate categories for women singers and for boy singers. When it was, Whitney won, Mariah won, Adele won, and on and on. Now that the two are merged, the boys are winning.

  • teather

    When the truth one day comes out about artists like Bruno and fake ask Justin T, y'all will have the real story. Until then, keep watching and believing in your oppressors' shows.

  • KcoolMuziq

    Janell Monae(Whom I finally met when she was promoting her back to back movies "Hidden Figures" & "MoonLight") is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures and on screen. My only wish was that the final meeting was like I imagined it to be.

  • Shira Harding-James

    What’s the truth?

  • BadAss Will

    Damn he could've say that untill the metoo movement was over? So many talking women get × out. Even been nominated doesnt mean you gonna will. All these amazing females out there was good contender

  • Owww76

    Thank you!!!! She (Beyonce) sure didnt deserve no album of the year, that CD sold on hype and hype only, they dont be killing Beyonce on the radio like that, everything is hype. Look at her number 1's/sales versus the other girls that are her contemporaries. Yes Black people love complaining about these award shows but when their own community (NAACP, BET, Soul Train) honors them they dont show up or acknowledge SMH! All this pick and choose what to protest is always the main thing

  • Dollface

    How did you imagine it would be sir?