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Madison Hinton


It’s 2018 — time to rethink our attitudes toward men in dresses who would rather see us dead than respect our womanhood.

Madison Hinton (pictured above left) is a 45-year-old mentally unstable, narcissistic, trans-identified male who harbors an intense, deep-seated hatred of biological women.

Over the past decade there has been a surge of violent acts against women and girls committed by trans-identified men who are allowed easy access into women’s public spaces.

Hinton and his childhood friend, washed up rapper Khia Finch, 45, (pictured right) host a web series every week in which they insult and degrade female celebrities and bloggers who are more successful than they will be.

Their audience is primarily made up of biological black women — whom Hinton despises.

Occasionally, Hinton’s deep inner loathing and hatred for biological women rises to the surface during the web series.

He is never more animated or agitated than when he acts out his aggression towards a certain female blogger, whom he is obsessed with.

Ryan Terry

Unlike the cowardly Hinton, who threatens women from the safety of his living room, 18-year-old high school senior Ryan Terry openly threatens women in a series of posts on social media.

Ryan is a student at Champlain Valley Educational Services (CV-TEC) high school, which focuses on career education and technical programs. Incredibly, he was chosen to serve as Student Ambassador for the CV-TEC community in 2017-2018.

Law enforcement ignores his blatant threats of violence against women because he’s transgender, and therefore he is in a protected class of deranged men.

Last week, Ryan posted a particularly violent confession on Reddit.com that provides a glimpse into the deranged minds of men-in-dresses who hate women because they can’t be us.

Ryan has been taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for 5 months, and it seems the extra Estrogen has emboldened him to post Epic rants against women on Reddit.com.

He writes:

“The transition has been very systematic. Skins softens, breasts grow, the usual. I haven’t yet crossed the line of looking in the mirror and feeling blissfully at ease. I yearn for that still. But something else that feels entirely unchanged is my envy of other women. My lust for the beauty they withhold. My hatred for not being what they are. These emotions manifest and concatenate in often dangerous ways.

He then goes on to share his sick obsession with actress Anna Kendrick — most of these men are obsessed with certain women.

Ryan openly expresses his desire to kill Kendrick because he can’t possess or control her.

“With that being said, I loved watching Anna Kendrick being killed in Voices. I re-watched her break her neck and lay in bed in her lovely dress helplessly at least five times. That’s where my fantasies center around. I want girls like her to be hurt. Badly. I often subdue bouts of painful dysphoria with more powerful thoughts of hurting the girl who caused it…

“The truth is that I would do anything to be Anna Kendrick, but I fear that, in leu of that ever being a possibility, I would just kill her if ever given the chance, and sob inconsolably over her perfection after the fact.”

More disturbingly, Ryan told his court-appointed counselor about his fantasies of killing Kendrick — and the counselor did not call the police.

“I found myself in my counselor’s office for hours because I was unable to function because my mind was fixated on a desire to cause harm to this girl. I hated her so much and I wanted to press lightly on her trachea and look into her beautiful eyes listening as her final breaths cry for mercy. I didn’t want to actually hurt her, I usually don’t. I always imagine girls’ deaths to be gentle, so as to not disturb their natural beauty. I don’t want to harm them, I just want their life to end. Normally in these fantasies I pinch their nose shut and cover their mouth so I can watch them fade so elegantly at my own gentle hands. It’s not about making them not beautiful anymore. It’s about taking the life from them. I want to reduce their beauty to just a corpse because their life isn’t fair. I want to caress them in my arms and carefully tighten a rope around their neck so they can look at me when I take their soul. I want to feel their final breaths. I want to release the life from their body so I can have the shell. The beautiful shell.

Please don’t assume that this teenager’s rants are isolated. MOST transgenders share his obsessions over bio women, and they are killing women but their crimes are classified adwomen committing violent acts against women.

Ryan shares the same violent fantasies that most female-identified-men share. He is just crazy enough to admit it publicly.

Most disturbing of all is the fact that this high school student rides a bus home with elementary school students! He openly fantasizes about killing one little girl on the bus whom he is obsessed with.

“The worst thoughts are those of hurting little girls. When I ride the elementary bus home from my school, I am bombarded by fun little kids that all love me because I’m often the only high-schooler, and rather funny. I almost always find myself on these trips home to be fixated on a young girl on the bus. I make everyone laugh while holding back the tears of looking at the little girls who will grow up to be strong, beautiful women. I hate them because I never got to be a little girl and I hate that they have what I never could, their princess room and their cute clothes and their girly little personalities. Sometimes I want to hurt them too. Why did God make them little girls but never me? I miss the childhood I never had.”

Ryan’s confession on Reddit.com set off alarms and prompted multiple calls to law enforcement — calls that will likely be ignored — even though he was investigated by the FBI in 2015 for threatening to shoot up his high school.

Ryan’s violent, women-hating fantasies are not being taken lightly by bio women — just as Hinton’s constant threats and expressions of hate towards bio women will not go ignored in 2018.

Hinton’s and Ryan’s misogyny toward women are more than cries for help; they are warnings to biological women that that men in dresses are an ever-increasing danger to us all.

Thank you to Gallus of Gender Trender blog for exposing Ryan Terry.