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Andy Cohen Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper hates women. The openly gay CNN anchor's hatred for females stems from his dysfunctional childhood growing up in the shadow of his domineering single mom, fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt.

Who can forget the pained expressions on Cooper's face when he was forced to share the spotlight with comedienne Kathy Griffin on previous CNN NYE shows.

When Griffin was booted from the NYE specials -- with Cooper's blessing -- he jumped at the chance to pitch openly gay TV personality Andy Cohen as his sidekick for CNN's NYE 2018 show.

But fans were unimpressed with their silly banter and jokes that missed the mark by a mile. Some even called for CNN to bring back Griffin, who is blackballed from TV for all time.

Did you watch CNN's NYE show?








  • tintin

    I like Anderson and I'm confused. How do we know he hates women again?

  • tintin

    What's up with the gay agenda today Sandra. Post some good stuff. You on the negative right now

  • Torae

    Andy is not entertaining the cast members on his shows are entertaining so I don’t know why anyone would think this coke head would be a good side kick...

  • Breitbart_Savior

    If Eartha Kitt could make a comeback so can Kathy Griffin.

  • shun king

    so i guess freddie jackson got that ibs like that designer dude yikes

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    Anderson needs a comedian not a gay best friend by his side

    Kathy was great with Anderson because she was the clown to his serious side.

    When I used to catch them when I had a dry NYE they were good together. She was joking with him one time about wanting to give him 0ral like right there on tv. It was the joke like all night.

    Or they can cancel the show all together lol

  • Noirluv45

    I didn't watch it. In fact, I fell asleep before I could ring in the new year. For decades, I watched Dick Clark's New Years Eve special. I wasn't interested in CNN's.

  • Roderick2011

    You know that Sandra is the ghey whisperer.

  • Monique B


  • SandraRose

    I feel asleep as well. I woke up when my neighbor went outside screaming, "Happy New Year!!"

  • ? ????í? ?

    She suffers from paranoid delusions from the time her mother caught her eating pussy. It messed with her subconscious ego and then she became a bitter lesbian that can't find a partner. That's why her family hates her.

  • ? ????í? ?

    Since when is she not?

  • Noirluv45

    Lol! At least you woke up to that, Sandra. I didn't even hear the neighbors horrendously loud fireworks.

  • Lead Never Follow

    I was at church and it was popping! My first time ever bringing in The New Year! The message was that the children of God are continually blessed by the Lord. He brought us through 2017 and he will continue to keep us through 2018. The blessings of peace and grace are ours and he will continue to bless us abundantly. Fear not! The Lord is a keeper and not only does he keep you, he will bless you as well ?

    Number 6:22


  • Scromes1212

    CNN takes another L smh

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    won't watch it without Kathy.

  • alex

    CNN has been taking Ls for a while. I stopped watching them right after Obama was elected. The first time.

  • MRiGOThim

    Kathy Griffin is the white Khia Motormouf Shamone lmao!!!

  • tintin

    Oh gosh Goldie. It's her blog be nice

  • MsChocCookie

    Anderson Cooper is a MEAN Queen, and Andy Cohen is a MESSY Queen

  • KLo

    didn't watch and don't give a TUCK

  • pure_rachet

    Oh no!! I love rock me tonight!!!

  • shun king

    check out the video of him performing last night i would say he weighs 90 pounds

  • NorthDeKalb

    I actually did watch some of it and as was previously mentioned, it was just off. They usually mesh pretty well, but last night something wasn’t right. I don’t know, Anderson seemed a little short and Andy was his usual self, but it wasn’t entertaining. I was checking other channels the whole time.

  • Eww

    They should go ahead and screw and get it over with.

  • Andy

    It wasn’t watch what happens live. Andy is one of those gay men who wants to be a girl so bad. He can’t even turn it off. Be serious and a man for once Andy. I can’t stand him.

  • MythCalledLove

    The commercial wasn't even funny. Dick Clarke Rock & Eve specials was the $h!t

  • Dahl

    Tried to find it. Is there a link?

  • Enoughsaid2020

    I always watch Dick Clarke New Years Eve Special, if I'm home.

  • Roderick2011

    In your mind every man is ghey and has AIDS.

    Seek help for your paranoia.

  • A D N

    I actually like and watch both on their shows. Anderson is fair and Andy is entertaining...but together on CNN for New Years show seemed awkward. They just didn't seem to know what to say.

  • suganspice68


  • Monday

    Despite of what Katy Griffith did she had an audience. Her departure lead to people boycotting CNN.. ESPECIALLY when Andy Cohen told TMZ he doesn't know her.

    I saw an older woman on youtube who did a rant about it and I was surprised to see all the comments supporting Kathie and joining the boycott.

  • Monday

    As for me I went to sleep around 10pm and woke up at 3am... Happy New Year everyone

  • Malcom Flex

    Kathy might be cray cray but she sometimes was funny neither of those gay males are funny.

  • SumthinSweeter


  • SumthinSweeter


  • DaughterOfaQueen

    But Don Lemon was getting wasted! ?

  • bella28498 .

    all people do is sit and complain.....could've did like i did and not watched. End of story!

  • Raymond Isiah

    Bring back Kathy Griffith NOW!!

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Sounds like how I brought in my new year as well. HNY!

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    Dear Anderson, don't co-host shows with groupies...they can't stop fanning out to be professional

  • Caprise

    they did