Photos of an immigrant worker delivering raw, unprocessed meat to a grocery store in a shopping cart have sparked outrage online.

The incident happened in San Jose, California, according to Facebook user Loretta Seto, who snapped photos of the unsanitary delivery.

Seto uploaded photos of what appears to be a Hispanic male pushing a Costco shopping cart loaded with raw slabs of pork through the front doors of a 99 Ranch Market store.

“Beware,” Seto wrote on January 26. “We saw their vendors delivering meat with Costco shopping carts!! Talk about disgusting! I’m usually okay with sticking the kids in the seat of the basket, but this is a whole new level of gross”.

The public’s reaction to the photos were mixed after the images went viral on Friday.

Breitbart.com readers pointed out that California is a “Sanctuary state” where many immigrant workers are not accustomed to working in sanitary conditions.

“When you hire third-world people to handle your food, you should be prepared for the worse,” wrote one reader.

According to reports, the raw meat was delivered by a worker for the store’s vendor, Jim’s Farm Meat. Most farms and meat packing plants slaughter pigs and pack the parts in shrink wrap. The fresh meat is not frozen before delivery to the stores, where the parts are cut up and packaged by store employees.

The 99 Ranch store, which is based in Asia, replied directly to Seto’s Facebook post, saying, “We are taking the necessary steps to resolve this issue by investigating this case further and filing a complaint against our vendor.”

But many social media users who were raised on farms objected to discarding perfectly good meat.

One commenter wrote: “What disgusts me is that the whole shipment was thrown out. Perfectly good meat, all because one snowflake found it offensive to see real meat without the plastic wrap.”