Monica Brown

Monica Brown is not pregnant according to her friend, industry veteran Stephen Hill. The former president of programming at BET Networks dismissed the rumor in a post on on Sunday.

Hill posted an Instagram photo of himself posing with the R&B Diva, along with a caption: "Not Pregnant. In case you’d been misled..." He added the hashtags #Monica #SheGlowingThough.

The rumor was traced back to an Instagram blog that has long been discredited as purveyors of truth. The Instagram blog, which was deleted multiple times for violating the platform's TOS, claimed that Monica, 37, was pregnant with twins.

Doctors caution that the age limit for a safe pregnancy and childbirth is 35.

It's good to know that Monica, a mother of 3 beautiful children, would not put innocent babies in harm's way for purely selfish reasons.

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  • Yardgirl

    OK sir, thanks for sharing *kanye shrug*

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Who cared is the question? She grown she can do what she wants

  • OvertheMississippi

    Closed post: Who cares

  • WutizstillHERE!

    Oh word..she isn't out here competing by making baby accessories that many other couples are having to make themselves look good..oh..okay..

  • Kanyade

    why is stephen clearing this rumor up for her? lol

    Who watched RHOA?

  • tintin

    really Sandra "It’s good to know that Monica, a mother of 3 beautiful children, would not put innocent babies in harm’s way for purely selfish reasons."

    nothing wrong with having a baby after 35 or older. Maybe women are waiting longer to ensure finances are in order, making sure their married and in a relationship that will ensure the kids are raised with both parents and owning a home. I say 40 is the limit. As long as you take care of yourself, eat healthy. Majority of the time the baby will be alright.

    I've seen 18 year olds have down syndrome babies... no addiction, no alcohol etc so what's their reason?? sometimes unfortunately babies are just born with issues. although as you're older it can be can still have a healthy baby over 35

    I hate this notion that people can't have kids after 35, it's not true.

  • iWasteTime

    I hate that 45 is taking credit for President Obama's 2017 economy.
    I'm glad that the falls and fails that he takes from now on, are his and his alone. I just read that due to the federal tax "cut" cities and states will get less money which mean's your city and state taxes will likely skyrocket.
    I see Carrier still laid those folks, who's job he "saved" off.

    I need one last Mo'Nique post. That "Wonderful" husband of hers is going to use that video when seeking alimony

  • tintin

    and Monica ain't gonna breed for that husband of hers again. with all his cheating, she's gonna bounce soon

  • Blessed

    I knew Mo wasn't expecting when she graced Jay-Z's pre-grammy party. Btw, she looked absolutely flawless! I just love when she rocks black hair, even though she looks good with any color.

  • Kanyade
  • Kayke

    I do too. I've had multiple women in my family have children in their 40s. I've come to the realization that these medical stats are not about black women.

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Nobody checking for Monica's uterus....ever. not blog worthy news.

  • Vonn

    No looks stunning in those pics. Posing like...take that, take that. Diddy style.

  • Gloria

    Ok, why is this considered news worthy? lol

  • Shawty

    Pretty picture of Monica

  • Chace

    Wow!! Yes Monica! Loving the whole look! She is so pretty ??

  • You Could Never

    She was killing it in NYC for Grammy's. Go Monica.

  • the guest

    Monica is at the sweet spot in her marriage where she has re-found and re-claimed her independent spirit even as she remains a devoted wife and mother. She looks more beautiful than ever! This is when her hubby will fall in love all over again (and regret putting her through it).

  • Quitedeliteful

    I see Carrier still laid those folks, who's job he "saved" off.
    Yep. He sure did. Some news reporter interviewed those who were being laid off and those folks looked shell-shocked. Not only are they losing their jobs but they have to train the people from Mexico on how to actually do their jobs...

  • the guest

    She's glowing because she growing stronger after the heartache.

  • Quitedeliteful

    I know a woman who had her last baby at 50. This baby is very bright and healthy. The parents didn't think they would get pregnant but they did and they feel happy and blessed. I also know an African woman who had her last baby at 54! The kid is now 17 and healthy.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Monica is beautiful... She's always so classy looking...

  • No Love Lost

    Say that! I agree! I've noticed that as well.

  • tintin

    Good for her. had my last son at 30, he's 6 now and i just don't have the energy.My life consists of bringing him to all his sports, homework and also dealing with his hyper busy body self. I'm tired most of the time. I drop him off to his stuff and sleep in the car.

    So at 50 i don't' know how she has the energy but good good for her, if it works for her , then that's all the matters.

  • Blessed

    I agree, she has definitely reclaimed her spirit. So beautiful!

  • Rayne

    She has always been cute.

  • Rayne

    I love her with black hair!

  • Alicia.Ashe

    I saw a press conference on one of the companies laying off people. They lady that worked for the company was upset the Trump didn’t do what he promised. She wanted to retire from that company.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Don’t upset yourself today. I’m 35 and I plan on having them

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    U closed it on out ????

  • Kanyade

    Who's ready for Black Panther?

    Also, Chadwick Boseman is one beautiful, black man.

  • free

    energy is a factor. had mine at 40.

  • free

    my midwife said the same thing. she had been asking me for years when i was gonna get pregnant. so finally i go in like "i'm ready, and i heard that it's going to take a while" she was like "sheeeeeeeeedddd, not with black women". she was right.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Hahaha! Say that again! Many “studies” don’t reflect us.

  • Renee26

    Ok! He needs to go back and look at the record that was set before he got in office....The Carrier people know he was FOS when he visited to site

  • LadyGold

    Doctors are not Gods!!! So anybody who wants to put belief in that is stupid!!! Whenever God is ready for you to be pregnant your going to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy like many women in their 30s late and early!! God also warned folks about sleeping with the same gender but I guess that’s an understatement right?? ??

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    I'm ready and he truly is

  • Teneisha

    I just had my first child a beautiful son at age 37. Got pregnant at 36 had him at 37. Doctors are not god. You will just be regarded had AMA - Advanced Maternity Age.

  • BeUtFullSoul


  • Cannelle

    Love her eyebrows. They accent her face well and not overdone.

  • SandraRose

    "I just had my first child a beautiful son at age 37."

    Congratulations mama! ???

  • bemetoo

    Where's brandy and her baby

  • Vegas1989

    Congratulations to you.

  • tintin

    and your child is healthy right???? did you have complications?
    i just hate how sandra is always preaching and scaring some women into not even trying for a child after 35., and then she condemns you for having one out of wedlock when a lot of times we get lives fully together in our 30s. 20s we're in school preparing for our future career. 30s we get married buy a house, have our kids etc.

  • free

    kid healthy and no complications. sometimes i think would i have done it earlier and i'm glad i got some of my life (partying, wrong men, tough economic times, etc.) out of the way. i now devote most of my time to being mommy (and i like it!) and it's hella expensive but we can afford it. my hubby helps a lot though; we try to switch off because we both get tired as hell. the only downfall is the cousins and nem are way older so you need to find playmates or have more siblings.

  • Mrs. S. Kidd

    There's also not enough studies on how certain men affect fertility and having a healthy pregnancy. I had a friend who had two extremely complicated and life-threatening pregnancies. The first pregnancy, the doctors were not prepared for but the 2nd one, they did everything in their power to prevent the outcome of the 1st pregnancy. After several different specialists, they all determined that the issue might be her husband's sperm/biological makeup. Because there was no issues that they could find in her. Any who, she has two healthy children and can't put the doctors' theories to the test unless she divorces lol

  • NicoleZee

    Congrats! Little boys are amazing! Prepare to get peed on though! LOL! Women know that they can have babies way past 35, but doctors have to let them know it is risky. I just went to the OB/GYN. We had a very long talk and he told me that there are more risks involved when conceiving after age 35. Very true, but if a woman wants a baby and she's older, her choice her body. Fertile women who have no problems conceiving and childless people tend to be really judgmental. I wish they would shut the f*ck up and get a hobby. SMDH!

  • Judi Lauren

    I'm 38 and just ready for my first baby. I'm scared of these new age kids though...


    WHY is Monica relevant, and where is that bum of a husband. He married her for the same reason Jayz married Beyonce, they married money makers why they sit back a spend it, that what sagitaurus husbands do, and they cheat.

  • JRock

    I read a comment that Cardi "cardboard bish" B boyfriend Tacos has a baby on the way with a side-chick. Then I read that Cardboard and Tacos were denying the baby was his. Now Cardboard put out a statement saying they have an open relationship. Must have found out there really is a baby on the way. How many ways can stupid be spelled? You're faking an engagement to a man you're in an open relationship with. An open relationship translates to several baby mamas, lots of child support to all of the future baby mamas and scandal and disease.

  • SandraRose

    We covered this story last month. Cardi knew about the baby which was born a month after Offset proposed to her. The DNA test says the baby is his. A judge agreed to seal his real net worth from his 3 other baby mamas.

  • JRock

    This is too much information (TMI). But I had my annual GYN exam a couple of Fridays ago and my doc and I (I've been a patient for 15 years) were having a conversation about abstinence and he told me that right now women are making his job extremely hard because of the stuff they're coming in there to be treated for. He didn't reveal any patients names or their diseases but he says it's very tough. And as I listened I could tell he wasn't just saying it's extremely hard because of the hours he has to put in examining them, reviewing the test results, prescribing medicine etc. He is a human being with feelings and it is probably hard on him to see so many women who don't have enough discipline to close their legs and just say no. He just shook his head.

    Women and men. Please try to do better about having unprotected sex. I know a condom is not a guarantee because I have heard that people can still catch some stuff just by kissing (don't know if that's true or not). But at least try to do better and know who you're kicking it with.

    Last night after the Grammys there were probably a lot of people who did a lot of ill shit last night and woke up Monday morning with an itch, a discharge and pimples. Just hard-headed. Hard heads catch the "IT" and the "THING".

    Please be sexually responsible and safe!

  • JRock

    Wow. The lies these people tell. Dang. Thanks for the update. I could not work in an industry where I always have to lie and always have to fake it. SMDH.

  • JRock

    I'm not partial to big eyebrows but those work for her. Her make up artist always does a good job.

  • JRock

    Wait. I missed that last sentence. Three other baby mothers and this is a 4th? Oh hell no. You know that has got to be a fake relationship. Not since Ciara, I don't think another woman is dumb enough to get involved with a man that has a minimum of at least 3 kids by 3 different women.

  • 90’sBawdy

    Been ready!!!!

  • NicoleZee

    You just have to decide what kind of parent you will be. My mom didn't take no mess from us and I won't be taking any from my son either! Kids today are ungrateful, disrespectful, and entitled, but I'm not raising that kind of person. I just want my son to be a kind gentleman that doesn't hurt people and does good with his life. Easier said than done I know!

  • SandraRose

    First of all, doctors should get the credit for saving lives by advising women to avoid high risk pregnancies. 2nd of all, the Bible doesn't say anything about future careers, schooling, etc. The Bible says to be fruitful and multiply, preferably before 35.

  • SandraRose

    Having a baby at 40 is unsafe and unwise. A woman gives birth at 40. That baby turns 40 and wants to have children, but mom is 80 and (if she's still living) too old to play with her grandkids. Stop being selfish and think about their child's future.

  • No Love Lost

    Jealousy is a hell of a drug, and you're overdosing on it.

  • Chace

    I can't stand Brandy's Sha-nay-nay "From Martin" looking a##.

  • the guest

    Also, Monica has always been very thin with no curves. Her youngest baby gave her some hips and she's loving it. Good for her! Her hubby knows no groupie compares to his wife.

  • the guest

    The Black Panther logo merchandise is really nice.

  • Blessed

    I've noticed that as well, she looks amazing! I love Monica, and I just want her to be happy.

  • Blessed

    "Her hubby knows no groupie compares to his wife."..

    He better know. Because Monica is first class.