Monica Brown

Monica Brown is not pregnant according to her friend, industry veteran Stephen Hill. The former president of programming at BET Networks dismissed the rumor in a post on on Sunday.

Hill posted an Instagram photo of himself posing with the R&B Diva, along with a caption: “Not Pregnant. In case you’d been misled…” He added the hashtags #Monica #SheGlowingThough.

The rumor was traced back to an Instagram blog that has long been discredited as purveyors of truth. The Instagram blog, which was deleted multiple times for violating the platform’s TOS, claimed that Monica, 37, was pregnant with twins.

Doctors caution that the age limit for a safe pregnancy and childbirth is 35.

It’s good to know that Monica, a mother of 3 beautiful children, would not put innocent babies in harm’s way for purely selfish reasons.

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