Tara Marie Solem

A Cobb County woman is in jail accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer. Tara Marie Solem, of Marietta, was indicted Thursday on two felony counts of impersonating a police officer to get a fast food discount.

According to the indictment, obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Solem impersonated a police officer to get a discount for her Chick-fil-A meal.

According to the AJC, she initially tried to convince a drive-thru worker that she was a federal agent, but the worker didn’t believe her. So she went inside, walked up to the counter and flashed a silver badge at two managers.

“She stated that she was undercover and that for them asking her to be in uniform would blow her cover and possible [sic] get her killed,” according to the warrant.

She argued with the managers and shouted expletives in the earshot of children standing nearby, according to the warrant.

After failing to convince the managers, she called the restaurant’s corporate office and told them she was “Agent Solem” with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

The arresting officer wrote in the warrant that the GBI said they had no record of such an agent.