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Investigators are still searching for a woman and 2 masked men who tricked a homeowner into opening her front door in the Vinings Estates subdivision in Mableton, Georgia.

Smyrna police say the woman’s boyfriend, who is a partner in a popular nightclub, may have been targeted because of his work.

Channel 2 Actions News aired footage from a Ring doorbell camera that shows a light-skinned woman at the front door of a Mableton, Ga. home, insisting there was an emergency.

The mother-of-2, who lives in the home with her boyfriend, “T”, says she was in the kitchen cooking with her kids when the woman rang the doorbell.

The woman gave her name and claimed she dropped “T” off at the house “all the time” from the Medusa Lounge, a popular hangout for hip-hop artists like the Migos, Cardi B, and Trey Songz.

When the victim refused to open the door, the woman became agitated.

“’T’ already knows I’m pregnant. He already knows what’s going on. He’s supposed to be giving me money for the abortion,” she said.

The victim’s boyfriend, “T”, who was not at home, spoke to the woman via his Ring app on his phone.

“Who is this?” he asked her.

“Man, this Teedra,” she responded.

“Man, you know who I am. Stop playing with me. You know who I am. Stop playing with me,” the woman yelled in the video.

The victim and her boyfriend later claimed they didn’t know who “Teedra” was.

The victim says she opened the door and struggled with the woman, who wore a Los Angeles Young & Reckless Cult sweatshirt similar to this one.

Young and Reckless Cult sweatshirt

“They pointed the guns at both of our heads,” the victim later told WSBTV reporter Chris Jose. She said she gave the intruders all the money she had: a $2 bill. A getaway driver was waiting in a car at the end of the driveway.

The woman said she and her 2 small sons escaped through a garage door and she heard shots ring out.

“When we were in the backyard, we heard like gunshots, so I don’t know if they were shooting at us. Or shooting in the air,” the victim said. “I was just ducking, hoping my son wouldn’t get shot.”

The victim and her boyfriend are offering $5,000 for any information leading to an arrest of the three intruders.

Smyrna police say solving the case is their top priority.

But the homeowner, T, issued a stern warning to the home invaders on his Instagram.com account: “I WILL CATCH UP 2 YALL VERY SOON WHOEVER U ARE I WILL TRUST ME”.

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