Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was once the pride and joy of liberals, corporations and government officials who happily paid him for the personal data of Facebook users. Zuckerberg, 33, went into hiding after news broke that a British analytics firm working with the Trump campaign had obtained personal information on 50 million Facebook users.

Over the last few days Zuckerberg quietly sold off Facebook shares and pocketed a cool $900 million, as other investors dumped their shares of Facebook in the wake of the scandal.

Insiders say Zuckerberg has been quietly selling off millions of shares of Facebook for billions of dollars as part of his plan to liquidate $12 billion worth of Facebook stock.

Market analysts say Facebook is in trouble because it was never worth $500 billion for a website that has no product to sell.

On, master hacker Julian Assange noted that Facebook has no product to sell because the product is YOU.

Hashtags calling for users to delete Facebook have been trending on

“If you’re angry about what Facebook has done with our data then just #deletefacebook. Remember we aren’t the customers we are the product,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Comedian Jim Carrey announced he sold his shares of Facebook and deleted his account. He called on other users to delete their Facebook accounts as well.

CNN, who campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton in 2016, published a guide with instructions on how to delete Facebook completely (apparently deleting Facebook is a little tricky).

The Obama administration once bragged that they obtained personal data from millions of Facebook users during Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. But the tables have turned now that the recipient of that same information is President Trump.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images