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Convicted killer Rae Carruth has changed his mind about seeking custody of his special needs son after he is released from a North Carolina prison later this year. Carruth, 44, served 17 years for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams.

In a letter to Cherica's mother Saundra Adams that he sent to WBTV, Carruth said he wanted custody of his 18-year-old son Chancellor Lee Adams.

"I should be raising my son. His mother should be raising her son," Carruth said. "Ms. Adams should not be doing this and I want that responsibility back."

Chancellor, who turns 19 a month before Carruth is set to be released, was born with cerebral palsy and brain damage due to lack of oxygen when his mother bled out after she was shot multiple times by a friend of Carruth's.

But there was some pushback from Chancellor's grandmother, Saundra Adams.

"I've forgiven Rae already, but to have any type of relationship with him, there does have to be some repentance," Adams told the Charlotte Observer on Monday. "And I think this opens the door. But I can say definitively he's not ever going to have custody of Chancellor.

In a letter sent to The Charlotte Observer, Carruth indicated he would not seek custody of his son or be involved in his life:

“For all involved or invested in this ordeal, please calm down. I will no longer be pursuing a relationship with Chancellor and Ms. Adams. I promise to leave them be, which I now see is in everyone’s best interest.”

  • angrysolo

    changed his mind? HE WASNT GETTING CUSTODY OF A J O B, let alone this angel.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Good. Leave them alone that nonsense shouldn’t came out his mouth.

  • Browneyes

    Great news. I really felt some type of way about him wanting custody. I felt like he would do harm to the child

  • Blah Blahhhhh


  • hottlanta

    Now watch some chick marry him as soon as he is out of the fence talking bout God sent him to me.

  • ShelbyMoore

    Women need to be careful...these dudes be meaning when they tell you they don't want you dropping their seed.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    So true. A lot of these dudes have (multiple) female penpals in prison, and as soon as they get out they have a woman practically waiting in the parking lot to become his instant girlfiend/wife.

  • MsVAllDay

    If that's the case they need to wearing condoms to help prevent them from getting pregnant.

  • Maya

    Ok I get not wanting custody, but you dont want to have a relationship with your son ???HMMMM lets us know you are still TRASH and what we give out comes back...

  • sunni_daze

    Good he's done enough damage to this family.

  • shun king

    i think he played a bit of reverse psychology... he didnt want to have nothing to do with the boy so he put that put there so the grand mom can have a reaction...she had previously said that she wanted him to be in the boys life..i am pretty sure that he do not want that headache.

  • hottlanta

    Be a real man and walk away and leave me alone period. That other chick is thanking God she dodged a bullet.

  • ShelbyMoore

    And a woman should be on birth control so she doesn't end up preggers.

  • shun king

    woman need to use birth control

  • hottlanta

    Yep you pulled up that website and I told my friends I didn't believe it. Just boggles the mind.

  • Deann

    I Agree!

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Yeah, apparently that's been a thing for a while. I've seen a couple of documentaries on cable tv dealing with that.

  • shun king

    these women out her snatching condoms off trying to get all the child support they can get it has happen to me a few times glad a baby get made

  • 1BlueStar

    He didn't want nothing to do with Chancellor anyway. Somebody on his team must have told him how stupid he and that damn letter sounded. "Send a retraction right now!", they said. lol

    When he get out of prison, you know how much cat he got to get to make up for lost time?? He ain't bit more thinking about bonding with his special needs son who he tried to kill in the first place.

  • Bonita

    I wouldn't allow him near my son. You done tried to kill him once and failed. How do I know you won't try to kill him in hopes you'll be successful a second time.

  • Bonita

    Thank you! I've had this debate with one of my best friends and she still doesn't get it.

  • justlooking

    Ray went to Prison found Jesus and Brother X, said be a man. Meanwhile Brother X been in prison since he was 12 and never had no kids, cause all his children is with TankTank. This post and Ray is pure fukkery.

  • ShelbyMoore

    I don't understand what there is not to get. If a woman can't make a baby on her own, she shouldn't be out here deciding to keep a baby on her own. I believe in equal rights. Yes it's her body and since it's her body, she should be protecting it by using birth control. Not depending on a man to bring a condom.

    I once watched a movie where the woman didn't want the baby and the man did. The court forced her to keep that baby and turn it over to him once it was born. How is it fair that a man wants his baby and you decide that you want to just kill it. Like, why shouldn't this man have some say in it? After all, he helped to make the baby.

  • Dahl

    He knew full and darn well that he didn’t want to be responsible for his special needs son for the rest of his life, he just tried to not look like a complete animal...

  • Soon2BWife

    Somebody told him to sit his stupid #*^ down!

  • TheOwley

    Yes, seems it was all for show. He knew he had no chance at custody, the expected negative public reaction took place, and used the same to pull back from what he didn't want in the first place.

  • Dowoop

    Sandra you spelled letter wrong in the second paragraph.

  • Justice for Gemmel Moore

    great poor Mrs.Adams had to be put thru anguish and stress initially because he was virtue signaling to the parole board for sympathy.
    God bless Chancellor and his grandmother Mrs. Adams they wont have this evil killer at their door anytime soon.

  • You Could Never

    Whole state of NC about to be camped out at Ms. Saundra Adams door now to be sure you don't try to bring your ass around Chancellor. Me included. I hope Cherica haunts you often. You and the others involved deserved to die for your actions. Monsters. One of the few times I agreed with the death penalty. Bc of you

  • Quitedeliteful

    all his children is with TankTank.

  • Quitedeliteful

    You are so right. God rest the dead but she wasn't trying to hear what he had to say -- especially since he was a professional ball player...

  • JRock

    Somebody told that sumbitch that he didn't stand a chance in prison hell to get custody of that boy or his trust fund and he was like you know what I think I'm just going to gone ahead take a seat and take an "L" on this.

  • shun king

    that guy was going to be a top player in the NFL it shows you even tho they have went to school and have people around them how dumb they can still be...he didnt even really know the guys he paid to do that

  • tintin

    He betta fall back...he donr wanna be spitted on by strangers when he walks out that cell

  • Bonita

    I believe in equal rights as well depending on the circumstances. And those circumstances for me depend on if the conception was a result of rape, molestation, or incest.
    But for those cases where two grown consenting adults are pursuing a committed relationship or just a casual fling . . . during the get-to-know process, "do you want kids (more depending)?" should be a question asked before you even begin having sex. Why a person who wants kids would even want to continue pursuing a relationship or a fling with a person who makes it clear that they don't, is crazy to me. And if you do decide to go against your better judgment and pursue that relationship/fling despite you two not being on the same page when it comes to kids, then you need to address the what-if scenarios before you start having sex, and either walk away or be adult enough to accept the consequences if you decide to take the risk.
    When a person tells you what they don't want, the smart thing to do is believe them.

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover

    Right. Instead of trying to get custody he should be prostrating himself before the child and his grandmother. Ms. Adams is a saint to even think about this murderous father having a relationship with Chancellor.

  • Soon2BWife

    Lol, he took an L in life but yea add this one!

  • Omandesert

    Crazyism is so relevant in today’s society. So let me try to understand this, you tried to kill yo boy and his mama you bat shit fool and expect a judge in his right mind to give you custody of this young man? Wow! Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Yeah, sit this one out for the rest of your life. Over the years, I haven't been led to believe Ms. Adams would keep the son from his father if he's asking to meet him (son wants to meet dad). Rightfully so, she's going to be very protective of her grandson. Clearly, there was nothing she needed or asked of Rae all these years.

    SN: How many of y'all women believe he's been in prison 17 years and all he did was j/o, no male on male contact? Come on, raise your little naive hands.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    the one he tried to kill? he has other kids to pretend to play daddy to. This is the one you just leave alone or watch from afar. The kid always has a smile on his face. Very unfortunate.

  • Mrs.Meenie

    OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth, Jovan Belcher, Aaron Hernedez...see where I am going with this? Stay safe ladies, know how to pick them. ??

  • Erin

    He just trying to get an Iyanla not slick Rae-Rae

  • Ebony Starr

    When he gets out they should put him back into the trunk that they pulled him out of when he was arrested!

  • 2gr8ful

    I am glad he reconsidered. I remember this case, it was so sad, you are a coward Rae for killing this woman. You were fine with her when you were having a good time but when you got her pregnant you thought killing her is a good idea. You wanted this child aborted remember and look at him now a strong young man-yes please stay away.

  • 2gr8ful

    I don't know what Iyanla can do for him lololol, I believe in forgiveness but I am pulling at straws as what could be the solution that she would be able to help him with besides Jesus. She probably will say "Beloved you killed that girl and destroyed your son ain't nothing I could do for you and I don't know why I am here."

  • Enoughsaid2020

    I remember watching the trial, very sad. Glad his son is in god hands, and he needs to stay away. SMH!

  • Arii

    It's just not right that he is free.

  • Jussjess25

    Smh, he must still be psychotic to want to rip his special needs son away, from the only person hw knows da fck. ?

  • Jussjess25

    Wow thats what happened? Hes sick !

  • MsPam

    I hope he doesn’t come back to Cali!

  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    That demon wanted his son back so he could finish the job smh... Protect this kid at all costs.

  • Malcom Flex

    The murder rates for pregnant black women should be a community emergency and it's not the white man killing them. Black women's lives matter!!

  • ChynasHairline

    I still can't get past him saying "his mother should be raising her son" what the hell?? But you had her killed!!

  • ? Kari ?????????

    Good!!! I guess he figured out he doesn’t have the time or money to take care of chandler. He’s happy right where he is, look at Chandlers smile!!

  • candy

    I totally agree w/ your side note.

  • MythCalledLove

    When I read the story that included what his letters said I immediately knew this was his plan all along to look like he wanted a relationship and custody and knew there would be outrage and anger. Which he was hoping for. It provided him the easy out. Along with making people think he tried and was met with resistance. If he did win custody he would see first hand what he did. He had the audacity to even make those comments.

  • MythCalledLove

    Oh and I forgot to mention the son looks just like him.

  • JustB

    The grandmother did not asked to be left alone...she just simply said he needs to build a relationship with his son...and would not be allowed custody for obvious reasons

  • Kimberly King

    He's a loser.

  • J2PC

    No the grandmother did not say that, but with all the social media drama with conspiracy theories he was probably advised to just let it go and let live in peace or keep doing whatever they've been doing.

    Him throwing out what he would like to do with his son seem to have kicked up negative energy & strain. Much easier to just let go and move on. In this way, the grandmother and her family can just keep up their routine and live in peace and he can do them a favor by keeping it moving in a different direction.

  • J2PC

    Now, what if he didn't try? -Still, some folks would have something to say about that too! lol

    Like other prisoners up for parole or being released, he too has to explain himself & answer questions being asked by his parole officer or judge panel as to why he deserve a second chance or be releasing him back into society. -signs of being remorseful.

    Drama lovers are about to more upset because now they have lost control. Harder to keep tension & drama alive when you don't feed into it or let go of the other end of the rope and just keep it moving.

    If the family are happy or more at peace, then they would not have a need to later complain to try for emotionally roping him back into their lives or that of the child. -everybody going their separate ways is best. ijs

  • MrsHBC

    He only did that to get attention & see if some sorry & pitiful show would pay him for an interview. He probably had high hope of being on one of these cheesy “reality” shows. What he needs to do is just disappear.

  • My Thoughts

    Sounds about right?

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    He shouldn't ole murderer. God bless Grandma and her Grandson.

  • Layah Jhene

    They ain't gonna take it seriously since them number one murder rate is abortions amongst black women.

  • Malcom Flex

    BM ARE THE BIGGEST ABORTIONISTS AS THEY KILL PREGNANT BLACK WOMEN AT HIGH NUMBERS and then of course BM kill other BM. You fool. Most black males hate black kids you know damn well MOST black males don't support their kids it's a worldwide laughingstock. Hell yeh, abort. Look at all punk males killing pregnant baby mamas.

  • Layah Jhene

    What you say. Both of The BM and B W be killing unborn babies. Y'all both ain't shit

  • parisjok

    she has never been his mother in law. I get angry every time I read something about this story.

    when you are a pretty smart young unmarried gainfully employee female and you are only going out with a man who is already paying child support every single month to another baby mama you just DO NOT become pregnant because it is a fact with known proven numbers that your life and the unborn baby's life is in great danger as what was the case with this story.

    yes it does take TWO but everybody knows it is the female who does 99.9 tenths of a baby being conceived and doing that much percentage after he or she gets here. the man only has to provide the sperm!!!

    if if if only she could have made sure to just move on with him being in that situation and waited for someone who really loved her she would still be alive. yeah, I will get daggers for saying that but this is 100% one of the most UNFAIR subject matters worldwide and you can't live against facts.

    I believe him when he said they were not in a serious relationship because to many females assume that just because they are in a sexual relationship that it is serious for the man also when most of the time for a single man it just is not.

  • parisjok

    she said she would be at the prison when he gets out with his son for them to meet and she hopes he will greet them. she just wants the son to get to know who his dad is and that is all.

  • parisjok

    yes that is true

  • parisjok

    single females have to take some responsible. don't have babies all willy nilly by multiple boyfriends who really most of the time are just sex partners. how bout that

  • JustB


  • itsjismemelly

    he is the absolute worst

  • itsjismemelly

    he is the absolute worst

  • Fashionable Snob

    The grandmother did say that when she was interviewed, the story is actually online and on Sandra Rose in prior months; she offered Rae to be in his sons life and to be present at his release so that they can meet. I think the issue is Rae saying he'd like custody of his son, that would rarely happen based on his circumstances, so to jump out of prison requesting that is insane, I'm sure there could be some type of supervised visitation until he builds his reputation back up. He has a long way to go before seeking custody, job placement etc.

  • Fashionable Snob

    Yes, so sad; luckily she used a few minutes of last breath to call 911.

  • Fashionable Snob

    I am so tickled by your response, but you are so right. He's broke.

  • Guest

    You are blaming a dead women for her own death. I hope she haunts you.

  • parisjok

    no no no I am not blaming her. I am just saying what is the truth no matter what personal beliefs are out there like mine or yours. as a female u can end up dead just because you get pregnant by the wrong man and decide to go thru with it. there are even some husbands who kill their pregnant wives because they don't want the responsibility.

    some single men just want the so call free fun sex and do not want the baby that can come along with having that sex!!! everybody knows that there is no such thing as a free lunch. life is nothing but price paying regardless of the subject matter.

    you just can not all loosey goosey get pregnant by a man you are seeing on a non serious basics who ALREADY has previous money situation with another child's mom and think it is alright. some of the time it is but in her case and others it has not come out in a positive manner.

  • Storm’s Rage!

    YOU had his mother killed bc YOU didnt want to pay child support. Now YOU want to "raised" child thats pretty much grown and the one that YOU tried to murder!