Kerry Washington Scandal

The final episode of ABC’s political TV thriller Scandal aired on Thursday night. The show was canceled after 7 seasons. Scandal starred Kerry Washington as savvy Washington, D.C. “fixer” Olivia Pope.

Blogger Tamara Tattles has the recap of the final episode if you didn’t watch last night.

via Tamara Tattles:

“In the end, Shonda refused to give us the happily ever after in Vermont and instead chose to hint that Olivia was in the white house as either POTUS or first lady.

I was disappointed in the finale all the way around. This means I can stop trying to fit Station 19 into my Thursday nights. I’m over Shonda.

My final thoughts are familiar. I’m over Shonda. Let her move on to Netflix. I don’t have it, don’t want it and will probably still watch Grey’s but the new stuff on ABC and Neflix? I’m sorry. I’m just not interested. I’ll miss the hell out of the Scandal cast though. For eleventy billion seasons she set up a choice. Will she choose Fitz or Jake? Or at the very least will she find happiness? She punked out on answering the question because she doesn’t want to end with a woman needing a man? Seriosluy? What a fucking cop out. She literally had dueling love stories for YEARS and this is what we get? Fuck off Shonda. I’m one of those crazy people who thinks women don’t have to get married or have kids either. But if I write a years long romantic story, not knowing what happened to Olivia is a cop out.”


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