Stevante Clark

The brother of Stephon Clark, the unarmed Sacramento man who was shot dead by police, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony assault and vandalism.

Stevante Clark, 25, was also accused of making criminal threats and abusing a 911 emergency line.

Sacramento police arrived at Stevante’s home on Thursday in response to multiple 911 calls, reporting Stevante acting erratically.

“He’s streaming it live on the internet, armed with a machete. Threatening a female at that address,” a dispatcher told responding officers.

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A couple who rented a room in their home to Stevante in November said his personality changed after his brother was shot and killed by two officers on March 18. Both officers are back on duty.

Stevante sat down for a rambling jailhouse interview with CBS13’s Steve Large. The detainee, who is being held without bail, wore an orange jail issue jumpsuit and a big smile on his face. He waved to the cameras as he entered the interview room.

“How are you doing, sir,” Stevante said to Large. “Good how are you,” Large replied.

“I’m holding up, I’m holding up,” Stevante said.

When asked who he assaulted, Stevante said, “I’ve never touched anybody in my life.”

“Ah, they just, you have to talk to my lawyer,” Stevante said.

His mind wandered during the 30-minute interview. He said he had love for everyone.

“Right now, everybody loves everybody,” he said. “I’m not going to let people talk about my president, I’m not going to let anybody talk about my city, I’m not going nowhere. I’m not moving. I’m not running away.”

“So you’re telling me everybody loves everybody, but the police are telling the public, that you made threats against others,” Large said.

“Well, I don’t care what the police told you guys, because I love everybody, even the police who said that,” Stevante said.

Alex Rouska and his wife Samantha, who rented a room in their home to Stevante, say he paid his rent on time and was generally quiet until Thursday when he threatened them.

“He threatened to rape her,” Rouska explained. “He literally got down right here and made eye contact with my wife in the kitchen and was like ‘you’re done.'”

“This stuff with his brother broke him,” Rouska told CBS Sacramento. “He’s broken and it’s not his fault that he’s broken and somebody needs to help fix that boy.”

Photos by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Jeff Chiu-Pool/Getty Images