Tristan Thompson

Yesterday, TMZ “broke” the news that Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson was caught cheating with a woman at a New York club last weekend. TMZ published a video that showed Tristan and a light skinned woman kissing.

Meanwhile, Tristan’s pregnant girlfriend, L.A. socialite Khloe Kardashian is hiding somewhere in Cleveland while her surrogate gives birth to her and Tristan’s baby.

Your auntie almost fell for the supposed cheating scandal, until TMZ published a second “surveillance video” from October 2017 that shows Tristan cavorting on a sofa in a Hookah bar with 2 women. Notice how the “surveillance camera” just happened to be in the perfect spot to catch the action?

As if that wasn’t enough, TMZ published yet another video of Tristan returning to his hotel room with a chick. How convenient that they strolled right past the camera into the hotel.

The timing of all these videos was too perfect. It’s obvious that TMZ is running interference for Khloe, who is hiding out in Cleveland, just like her sister, Kylie Jenner, hid out while a surrogate gave birth to her and Travis Scott’s Caucasian baby.

Ask yourself why would Khloe move to Cleveland to have a baby when her doctor is in L.A.?
Yes, I’ve seen her Photoshopped baby bump pictures on social media, and I’m not convinced.

One way to tell if a celebrity is faking a pregnancy is if she never poses for a magazine cover or even a magazine photo spread with her belly exposed (Oh, hey Beyonce).

No legitimate magazine will conspire with a celebrity to fake a pregnancy. But TMZ will do anything for page views.

The whole Tristan cheating story smacks of a conspiracy between TMZ and Kris Jenner to distract us from Khloe. Jenner is in too tight with Harvey for him to run this story without her blessing.

Commenters on social media and other blogs have already caught on to TMZ’s tricks.

Anonymous said

Just because tmz is reporting it and everbody knows kris pays them has me thinking a many of things. Are we gonna go with stillbirth? Or an all white baby like Kylie’s? Are we just gonna get him fired? This is a intro to get kloe Simpson more press because nobody cared about the pregnancy with no belly button. Kloe is addicted to the attention and going on late night talk shows to update ua on Kim’s life and they know after the fake birth those who cared won’t anymore. This seems very calculated and reeks of OJ’s ex jumpoff.