Nicki Minaj

On Thursday, rapper Young Thug released a sign language video for his track “Anybody” featuring the comeback queen Nicki Minaj. Thugger has a brother who is a deaf mute. The rapper previously said he planned to take a yearlong hiatus from music to live his life as a deaf man.

“I’ve got a deaf brother,” Thuggie said in a Hypebeast video. “I’ve got a brother who can’t hear or talk, so I want to act deaf for a year. So I ain’t going to put out no music this year.”

It didn’t take long for Thugger for change his mind.

In her verse, Nicki takes another swipe at the throat of Cardi B: “Latex on my drawers / bitch go clean my crown / I can hear my haters from way up here / they don’t make a sound”.

Nicki also comes for ex-boyfriend and former weed carrier Safaree Samuels: “You should be cleaning my mansion / my place is disgusting / why don’t you act like a houseman / and go get to dustin’.”