un•clock•a•ble (uhn-klok-uh-buhl) adjective
1. A complimentary word used to describe a FtT (female-to-trans) individual whose masculine appearance is convincing.

Izaak Theo Adu is seen in this Instagram.com image wearing a Kangol hat, an accessory popularized by hip-hop royalty LL Kool J and Run DMC the 1980s.

Izaak, 21, was born Mickailia Adu, the only child of Nigerian-British superstar Sade Adu, 59.

Izaak’s father, Jamaican producer Bob Morgan, wasn’t around for much of her formative years.

Izaak is a transgender who suffers from “gender dysphoria,” a persistent psychological and emotional conflict between the person’s biological sex and their gender identity.

She takes male hormones to align her physical body with her gender identity.

When the budding artist isn’t posting her drawings on Tumblr, she’s updating her Instagram account with images of domestic bliss with her girlfriend and their menagerie of animals.

In a New York Times article last year, Sade referred to Izaak as her “cat-loving child”.

Izaak is in a good place now that the image reflecting back at her from the mirror somewhat resembles the man who wasn’t there during her formative years.

In a recent Instagram post, Izaak offered words of encouragement to other young transgender people who struggle with the disorder.

“I can’t say I know how it feels not to have support as a trans person,” she says — adding that she is “lucky because I have family and friends that accept and love me just as I am. Don’t let yourself be disrespect [sic] and most of all don’t ever give up.”

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