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un•clock•a•ble (uhn-klok-uh-buhl) adjective
1. A complimentary word used to describe a FtT (female-to-trans) individual whose masculine appearance is convincing.

Izaak Theo Adu is seen in this image wearing a Kangol hat, an accessory popularized by hip-hop royalty LL Kool J and Run DMC the 1980s.

Izaak, 21, was born Mickailia Adu, the only child of Nigerian-British superstar Sade Adu, 59.

Izaak's father, Jamaican producer Bob Morgan, wasn't around for much of her formative years.

Izaak is a transgender who suffers from "gender dysphoria," a persistent psychological and emotional conflict between the person's biological sex and their gender identity.

She takes male hormones to align her physical body with her gender identity.

When the budding artist isn't posting her drawings on Tumblr, she's updating her Instagram account with images of domestic bliss with her girlfriend and their menagerie of animals.

In a New York Times article last year, Sade referred to Izaak as her "cat-loving child".

Izaak is in a good place now that the image reflecting back at her from the mirror somewhat resembles the man who wasn't there during her formative years.

In a recent Instagram post, Izaak offered words of encouragement to other young transgender people who struggle with the disorder.

“I can’t say I know how it feels not to have support as a trans person,” she says -- adding that she is “lucky because I have family and friends that accept and love me just as I am. Don’t let yourself be disrespect [sic] and most of all don’t ever give up."

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    So this is how this week is going to end, huh?

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    How many post are we going to get on Sade’s daughter

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    Coming for Sade and her offspring smh!! She’s so low key and humble. I love her.

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    I feel the summation of this blog is:

    1. Trans-persons stories (unclockables, rappers that sleep with them, etc.)

    2. Cardi-B or Beyonce shade

    3. Kardashian slop

    4. A smattering of everything else.

    I’m here for the commentary...

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    This is the only post I've written on Izaak all year.

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    I like that instagram post ... Give people hope.. That's what it's all about. .. ?? much love... Nothing like a great support system .. With people that love you for you.. Even if society says you're different ... One of the best feelings in the world actually ..

  • Mrs. ??????????

    You forgot The Donald.

  • SandraRose

    Sandra, here. I think I wrote one post on her last year.

  • jayhawkpride

    Why do so many athletes and entertainers have homosexual offspring?

  • the guest

    I find this sad. I just do. Sade's daughter was such a beautiful reflection of her mother. Was her daughter not proud of that? When you see photos of her daughter, you just didn't see this change on the horizon at all.

    I think this world can be a dangerous place for black girls and changing their gender is a form of self protection or wanting to possess male power.

    Likewise, I think black boys change their gender to female to appear less threatening and be more accepted in a society that fears and criminalizes black masculinity.

    Noone can convince me that racism doesn't play a role in why black people choose to change their gender. It's not just gay or dissatisfied with their gender. Trans black people are mitigating living in a racist world.

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    He's happy, his mother is happy and supportive so what others think is their issue.

  • MsPam

    But Why?!


    I hate reading comments in post like this because of so many homophobic people say the dummest uneducated things.

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    More confused BS these young fools clinging to in these last days

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    I’m so tired of these folks dressing and playing gender like it’s 365 days of Halloween trying to trick people.

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    When the convolution is subdued therein lies the Illuminati or occult elite's [visual] member confirmation...enough said.

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    “Cat loving child” Sandy, the shade. Damned sure unclockable.

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    Did you all see this? So heartbreaking ?

    Heartbreaking New Details About The Man Who Died As A Result Of The Abuse He Suffered As A Child — And Why His Abusers Are Behind Bars Again

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    Some people are sick! There's no statute of limitations on murder so his biological parents had it coming

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    I and let live

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    Unbelievable. Those two are the devil's offspring.

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    Please make one a morning wood...with some real wood...thanks in advance!


    If she’s happy then so am I ?????

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    Definitely....just to think of how they could do those things to that baby... Pure evil

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    go on and LIVE chile, i miss my show One Life To Live

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    She looks ridiculous!

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller


  • NYTimes#1Bestseller


  • Kanyade

    Are there any pics of her father? Just curious to see resemblance.

    let me let the Google lead me.

  • angrysolo

    ook, alright so.. the Biological aunty of Devonte Hart, one of the adopted children of the lesbian cliff murderers tried to get custody of the children

    In 2010, a Texas appeals court turned down an attempt by Devonte Hart’s biological aunt to adopt him and three of his siblings. The court ruled against her because she had violated an order that prevented the kids from having any contact with their mother.

  • angrysolo

    So, despite the Harts’ run-ins with the law, reports of alleged child abuse, and 911 calls from some of the children themselves, they were allowed to keep the kids. But Ms. Celestine, a blood relative with no criminal history and stable employment who wanted all of her sister’s children, had them taken away on the spot for unknowingly breaking a no-contact rule regarding the kids’ mother. She had no idea the mother dropped by. AND the kids’ mother didn’t harm them.

  • Malcom Flex

    Intelligence from Sandra Rose
    >>Izaak is in a good place now that the image reflecting back at her from the mirror somewhat resembles the man who wasn’t there during her formative years.<<

  • Malcom Flex

    >>I think this world can be a dangerous place for black girls and changing their gender is a form of self protection or wanting to possess male power.<<
    100%!!! Same reason so many black males want to change their gender, that want feminine power, male protection plus catching that D!!

  • Jersey Girl

    What did I just read angrysolo? That is disheartening! OMG! The system failed those anegels

  • Logan Roberts

    It probably was hard having a famous sex symbol as a mother, the daughter probably tried to live up to that.

  • angrysolo

    failed on every side. there’s literally nothing that could’ve been done (outside of due dillegence of the case worker(s) involved) that could’ve saved these babies, i am just hearing about their aunt.. but the neighbor knew of the abuse — this whole case has stuck with me ever since i first read about the cliff

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    I was wondering the same thing. He REMINDS ME oF TERRENCE TRENT D'ARBY though.
    (He sang Sign a Name Across My Heart")

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    Bitch no way! Thats that pretty girl sade birthed? Wow he's a cute guy but he was a gorgeous woman. Live yo life sir

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    Got dayum these rich trans people must be getting the Extra Supa doses of Hormones.....shid.....even her hands look manly, large and hairy.

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    What's this world coming to?

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    oh boy. let me just shut my mouth. i can't, dis tew much

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    sorry, but this is really a sickness.

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    She was a beautiful woman.

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    I know Sade wants to put her foot up that girls assss.....who wants to be a man LOL...they smell like stank socks, and dirty locker rooms....IJS ROFLMAO

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    I pray none of my boys come to me with this bull? one day..they not gonna like my response..especially if you was all boy and loved to do little boy activities when u were a child..i ain't trying to hear that transgender shyt..u better trans ur ass back to reality damn it!

  • Nina Ross

    IKR... Lawd have mercy

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    I ain't that "let your child be who they are" mama..imma "you gonna live as the person i birthed" type..foh with this trans gender crap

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    Live in your truth and be happy

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    Gah damn !!!!! I can’t see his face. Is he cute ? If he’s reading this, please tell your mother to release another hour and go on tour again !

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    Oh I'm familiar with TTD :)

  • Evillene

    "Izaak is in a good place now that the image reflecting back at her from the mirror somewhat resembles the man who wasn’t there during her formative years."
    *SMH* This armchair psychology would be funny if it were not so dangerous.

  • Evillene

    Those parents should get the death penalty.

  • Evillene

    Nope. Life is too short to live it according to someone else's rules. Learn that lesson before "karma" has to teach it.

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    Thank you.

  • the guest

    It's sad. Truly sad.

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    She looks weird

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    Barbie Tingz ????

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    Right! I don't understand the need to post "unclockables". Let them live and mind their business!!

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    I hope she at lease had her eggs frozen.

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    If she so unclockable why tf she hiding that mug

  • Jennifer

    I'm waiting for the day White power says trans species is normal and should be accepted. Can't wait to see people go from human to trans dog, trans bird, and trans cat. They'll be allowed to marry their pets too. And bc THEY do it, WE will follow. If this "anything goes" society isn't the Mark of the Beast, what is?

  • Gina

    These things make me sick, one of these things lives in my neighborhood with its girlfriend. Recently this thing made a pass at me knowing that I have a man and don't get down like that. My response was to hug and kiss my man whenever I saw it. I wanted to show it that " you could never take the place of a real man". Now whenever it sees us it feels stupid cause I proved to it that not everyone is down with this nasty lifestyle.

  • Gina

    This was all prophesied in the Bible, we are living in the last days when right and wrong are reversed.

  • EScrazy

    Ya matter if it’s a m2f trans or a f2m you cannot hide what God made...he definitely still has his feminine features his face is still soft and I think that will remain just cuz..many f2m trans still have feminine ways actions speech etc,you can’t change some things

  • Stacey J

    Sandra is so good at the shade....Izaak is a transgendered male...yet Sandra refers to him as she throughout the whole article...

  • SandraRose

    You're recognized on Twitter as one of my biggest haters. Congrats!

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Anybody would be unclockable if that had a hat on with that much of their face covered

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    I'm not on Twitter, hun.

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    Didn't say you were. But they are retweeting your snooty comments from this blog.

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    Oh so I'm popular?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Logan Roberts

    That's because Izaak is a SHE. ?

  • Maxima

    This confusion is generational. Sade was mixed race without her Nigerian dad around, now this girl had no father image growing up so she decided to make one -- herself. As a woman, I have had too much estrogen (estrogen dominance and it caused me terrible longterm problems, so for someone to willingly take hormones, to me, is just crazy. You can't change your gender, period.

  • Yetunde

    Looked so much better as a woman. It’s a shame.

  • Guess Who

    SMH... truly is a mental illness.

  • SickWidIt2dabone

    It looks weird af

  • interestingconcept1

    Sandra is the worst when it comes to other folks kids. Just the worst. It has Absolutely nothing to do with her father not being around. This has nothing to do with abandonment issues.

  • interestingconcept1

    Sandra is going to catch it one day talking about things she don't know about when it come to other folks kids.

  • Harley

    Oh Sandy!!!! ??