Timothy Hinton

Video blogger Timothy Hinton, known colloquially as TS Madison, appeared to violate his recent restraining order by posting subtle threats on his Instagram.com page.

On Wednesday, Mr. Hinton posted 4 images of himself wielding weapons including an assault rifle, a Glock .45 handgun, a baseball bat and a can of military grade pepper spray.

He captioned the images:

“Dear keyboard gangster ?Leave your negative feelings in the comments section!! Never ever feel like you will express them in my physical presence cause if you do there are many repercussions you can choose from?? sincerely #TsMadison (DONT WALK UP ON ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT YOU TYPE ONLINE)”.

The 45-year-old adult film actor was swiftly criticized by his followers who reminded him that he instigates trouble by threatening biological women online.

The threatening images have been forwarded to local law enforcement and the judge who issued the original restraining order.

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