David Hogg

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, where 17 students and staff were killed in February, say gun control activist David Hogg does not represent them.

Hogg, 17, and other teen activists are among the Parkland school students who are being exploited by leftist news organizations, such as CNN, to push for gun control laws.

In an interview with NRATV, a faculty member, who asked to remain anonymous, said Hogg and other student activists were never in any danger during the shooting.

“I’ve had some students approach me privately to talk to me about it, but I should note that those student activists none of them were ever in any danger during this whole thing — none of them except for the one girl Samantha Fuentes,” the faculty member said during an interview with NRATV that aired Friday on Dana Loesch’s “Relentless” program.

Stoneman Douglas students David Hogg, Emma Gonzales, and Cameron Kasky are at the center of the gun control agenda led by Democrats and leftist organizations who hope to abolish the 2nd amendment that guarantees Americans the right to keep and bear arms.

“There have been a lot of my students that have spoken to me about it privately, and they’ve told me word for word as well as paraphrasing that these kids don’t speak for all students,” the faculty member said.

“I have students in my class that were shot, but you don’t see them [on TV]. They have the most personal experience of anyone except for that one girl.”

The teacher said the constant national spotlight on Hogg, whose father is a retired FBI agent, is not helping the students heal after former student Nikolas Cruz went on a shooting spree on Feb. 14.

“Every single day since we’ve come back to school, I have kids out in the hall crying because of the emotional toll that it’s taken, and we haven’t started to heal yet, because we’re in the news every single day, and every single day there are helicopters circling overhead,” the faculty member said.

Hogg called for a boycott against advertisers of conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham after Ingraham mocked him when he tweeted that four colleges, including UCLA, rejected his applications for admission.

11 advertisers (out or 126) pulled their ads from Ingraham’s show for one week. She has since apologized, but Hogg refused to accept her apology.

On Friday, Ingraham announced she is taking a one week hiatus from the show.

Ingraham’s supporters say she never should have apologized to Hogg, who has yet to return to the Parkland school and attend any classes.

Photo by Larry French/Getty Images