Paula Patton, Zachary Quittman

You can all calm down now. Paula Patton’s married boyfriend Zachary Quittman insists he was “separated” from his wife before he started dating Paula.

The 42-year-old actress went public with her realtor beau on Wednesday at the AOL Build events. The couple smiled and walked hand-in-hand around New York City.

Paula Patton, Zachary Quittman

Paula has been getting backlash from women who accused her of being a shameless homewrecker.

Paula first revealed her new beau during an interview with Extra TV this week. “I have a boyfriend now,” she gushed. “I haven’t called anybody a boyfriend. He’s my boyfriend! But when you know, you know. I love him.”

Revealing they have been dating for only a month, Paula suggested she had met Zachary while on a sports outing with her eight-year-old son Julian, whose dad is her ex, singer Robin Thicke.

But now Zach has insisted his marriage was over before he began his relationship with Paula.

“We were totally separated before I moved on,” he told PEOPLE, adding that he and his wife of 20 years have been separated “for a while”.

It was also claimed that Zach’s wife was left “shocked” by his relationship with Paula, especially as he decided to move in with her shortly after they began dating.

However, Zach responded to these claims by insisting there’s always different sides to a story.

“Obviously there’s three sides to every story and I’m not pointing the finger or saying anyone’s wrong, but we were definitely separated before I moved on,” he explained.