Brandy Odom

A dead woman's tattoo helped Brooklyn police identify her dismembered body that was scattered across a Brooklyn park. A tattoo of the word "chocolate" helped police identify the remains of Brandy Odom, whose naked upper torso and head were discovered by a dog-walker just off a path near E. 86th Street and Seaview Avenue, according to the NY Daily News.

The victim was found face down and partially covered by leaves. It took two days for police to find her arms and legs scattered around the 132-acre park.

Odom, 26, lived with an aunt about 15 blocks from the park. Police released information about the tattoo, and Odom's relatives went to the 69th Precinct to positively identify her.

According to the Medical Examiner, Odom's face was bruised and swollen. Her legs were severed just below the buttocks and her arms were chopped off at the elbows.

Her body parts were stuffed inside plastic bags and discarded in the park like trash.

The probable cause of death is strangulation.

Odom was described as an intelligent, sweet girl who had a single arrest for prostitution in 2012.

Police are trying to retrace her activities in the days leading up to her death.

  • tintin

    These girls are meeting these random men online and linking up and half of them Im sure many of them are assaulted or killed. These women need to find a better way to make money like a real job rather than selling their bodies. It is not worth it. There are some crazy lonely men out there that will fall completely under the radar because no one knows who they are. May her soul rest in peace (no pun intended)

  • Quitedeliteful

    WOW!!! This is GRUESOME!!! I hope they catch this sicko...

  • Shira Harding-James

    Her last activity was prostitution which sadly ultimately killed her

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    This is just so damn sad. Too young and then to go out like that?!

  • ?Sugar&Spice?


  • KLo

    so, so sad. only a mental degarned animal could do this

  • Karen Brady


  • Rodmilla De Ghent

    terrible time and climate for black folk in general to put themselves in harms way like this and be made even more vulnerable than we already are. RIP young woman and Godspeed i cant imagine how little she was killed for.

  • dontgetblocked

    She was a prostitute which is a dangerous job and morally disgusting, but she didn't deserve death.

  • Dahl

    Pretty girl, this is a shame...

  • mzMelanin

    I feel awful that happened to her but I feel even worse for the dog walker, theyre never recovering from that scene.

  • BlackMenHATEBlackWomen

    Are we sure that's not a tranny? A lot of T Girls are being murdered by black men.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    That’s all you took from this story?

  • morenYAHdelsur

    OMGosh just awful. I just can’t even wrap my mind around why somebody would do that! Demons boyyy!

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    I MEAN!!!!!! (insert eye-roll)

  • Kemi

    Do you have black men in your family such as dad, uncles, brothers, male cousins etc? If so, does your hateful narrative concerning black men represent them too? I doubt you’re black.

  • SweetTEE

    Good Lord up above though... nothing about that pretty chocolate girl screamed tranny to me at all...

  • Kemi

    RIP young lady! It’s sad you left the world in a such a manner. I hope they find the monster soon.

  • mzMelanin

    Are you sure youre not?! I know yall have a hard time discerning a real set of breast, but damn.

  • MJ

    The write up says she had a single arrest for prostitution 6 years ago in 2012. Where did it say she was recently prostituting?

  • che’lint

    Hmm how we must call MEN women nowadays..this could be a possibility. Fake women

  • che’lint

    Yes it includes all nasty ass men

  • che’lint


  • che’lint

    Because they are the deceivers.

  • Meme

    I think you have your screen aliases mixed up!

  • che’lint


  • Sally Wright McLinn

    not to belittle this "single arrest for Prostitution"....if you dismember somebody, that somebody did something really really bad to you.

  • Logan Roberts

    Stories like this make me scared to date again.

  • Meme

    Never mind

  • i troll it like i see it

    You don't think it's possible some psycho killed her for their own sick benefit, unprovoked? And who the fck deserves to be dismemberd even if she did "do something" to the perpetrator? Sally, you sound sick yourself.

  • i troll it like i see it

    You have to be pretty destitute or strung out on drugs to resort to selling your body for cash in back alleys and street corners because your right it is extremely risky. I'm wondering how lost this young woman was. I hate that this happens to women in life.

  • tia

    For real...damn

  • tintin

    I know its so sad what is happening to them. And most of them are mothers themselves

  • ?Royalty?


  • RealATLPeach36

    People are evil for no reason at all.

  • Meme

    How embarrassing lol

  • Guest©

    Very gruesome. That was someone's child. This is heartbreaking.

  • RealATLPeach36

    Her pimp just sent a message to his other whores...stay in line or I’ll chop you up
    Alive! So damn crazy

  • klwbaby

    Not necessarily. Some do that because they have a sick desire to do so (Jeffery Dahmer) and some do it to make identification harder and it gives that person more time to get away with murder.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Me either!

    It’s amazing how insensitive some are.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Really though! Just ignant!

  • Shira Harding-James

    It doesn’t

  • Shira Harding-James

    Based on the fact that she was killed heniously and chopped up...

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Yep when I read this I was thinking a possible serial killer

  • BlackMenHATEBlackWomen

    Black Men PLEASE stop killing Black Women! Stop the high domestic violence and HIV rates. Take your anger out on something else! Black Women are NOT the reason you're failing. Take accountability for your own lives and STOP abusing Black Queens!

  • MJ has nothing to do with the other. She could have easily simply been a random victim of circumstance walking down the street coming home from a store?????(I read that she lived near the park where she was found)
    To assume she was prostituting based on something she was convicted of 6 years ago is presumptuous and maligning. It’s enough that little sis was murdered in such a evil vicious way, why label her a prostitute based on something she did years ago ? To speculate that she may have still be in that lifestyle is one thing is..but folks are just recklessly labeling her a prostitute. Ijs.. Let her spirit rest without the baseless convictions..

  • Alicia.Ashe

    White troll shut up

  • Enoughsaid2020

    Wow! The world is truly an unsafe place. Very sad. Rest in peace.

  • FukkFolks2018

    You again?

  • ????? Kari ?????????

    RIP, so sad

  • the guest

    It's unfortunate she was involved in prostitution which is a very dangerous career choice. The minute the article said a chest tattoo that read chocolate, I figured this tragic young lady was involved with an underworld. I hope the evil person who murdered and dismembered is brought to justice and spends the rest of his life in prison.

  • Malcom Flex

    Hush honey the brain dead zombies will hear. Don't you know we're to protest when the po-po pops a cap in a thug? Black males killing black women= white men do it too.
    Cue the sound of a brain dead zombie.

  • MsVida

    This was a serial killer.

  • Obamaanotherterm


  • Shira Harding-James

    Not going to go back and forth about our opinions and why my opinion is the way it is. It is horrible what happened to her, enjoy the rest of your day!

  • Roderick2011

    Ahhh she was a cutie.

    RIP Chocolate Child.

  • Jethro


  • MJ

    It IS horrible what happened..which is why I challenge statements that sling mud at this young womans memory.
    Enjoy your evening as well..

  • hottlanta

    So if her husband did it would that stop you from getting married.

  • hottlanta

    Dahmer was sicker than I thought he was. I was looking at the story of his life and they said he would dig up the bodies of dead young boys and have sex with them. I wanted to throw up after that.

  • Coffee1st

    After reading that, you've surmised prostitution was her LAST activity???
    So what, she been on ice for the past 6 yrs?

  • hottlanta

    Let the young ones go round here and play dress up as a woman. Pretty soon they gonna get old and look like old boy falling trying not to bust his azz trying to cross the street in heels. Funniest thing ever.

  • Michelle1953


  • Christina Duphorn Zehnder

    stay woke ladies... there are crazy mofos out there.

  • Shira Harding-James

    Thank you, when a write a comment similar I was roasted by an individual smh

  • Luv R

    ...exact reason why I am single and loving it... i stay with the Rodney Dangerfield eyes... #WideOpen and #Bulged ...crazy is too real and Evil is alive with a healthy metabolism.

  • shay2shaymd

    Horrible. RIP

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Come on now. That's nonsense. If you dismember somebody it just means you're a sick evil person and/or you have a lot of hatred in your heart toward the person you just killed.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Everything you said there makes total sense.

  • Yetunde

    That’s so sad for her family, to know her body was scattered around like that. RIP. She had the most beautiful skin.

  • SJ

    Thank you! VERY well stated!

  • Drea982

    WHAT?! How do you know the killer is black? How do you know it was domestic violence? Your comment is stupid all around. ALL races are guilty of domestic violence. Anyone can who has unprotected sex is at risk for HIV no matter what race you idiot. WTF?

  • Yardgirl

    This is so sad. No one deserves to be murdered and tossed out like trash. I feel bad for the family. RIP

  • BeUtFullSoul


  • MistaO

    Who says it was done by a Black man??? The way many of yall git down, it could be a person of any race...

  • Reina1718

    Women please stop trying to make money in the streets with these men. Prostitution will get u killed there are some crazy people out here

  • Reina1718

    No her mom has spoken

  • Renee26

    Poor thing.... RIP

  • Trace da Ace

    OMG!!!! This is horrible!!!! My prayers for her family....this is so messed up...I can't.....

  • Trace da Ace

    you sound so stupid...really...this poor lady lost her life...and all you can do is try to attach it to black men??? really???

  • Bossy704

    No Black Man did that. Black people kill for a REASON and we ain't cutting nobody up in little pieces! This was done for someone's amusement. It screams alabaster and this ain't the first body they found like that just the first one they could identify. RIP Chocolate. Beautiful young lady.

  • Bossy704

    Nope. It's a alabaster.

  • Karen Brady


  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Poor baby.

  • WutizstillHERE!

    Jeffery Dahlmer victims all did something to him huh.mmmkay

  • RealATLPeach36

    I mean how to keep people in place??? Fear?????

  • yvette46

    R.I.P. *no pun intended..

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Nothing but ole Lucifer... Just aimlessly roaming!

  • KenHay


  • Bulletproof Raider

    Damn shame. People in the world are fucked up.

  • Layah Jhene

    Truly some wicked shit. These people out here are truly demonic and wicked as hell

  • Layah Jhene

    Nah this sounds like a demonic edomite white mofo did this mess

  • Layah Jhene

    Exactly!!! They ain't gonna be good for awhile

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    God bless her family