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Don Lemon’s life partner Tim Malone spilled the beans about the CNN anchor’s close relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

Malone, pictured right with Lemon, spoke candidly in an unsolicited Twitter exchange with Daily Caller media reporter Joe Simonson on Tuesday.

Malone, 33, direct messaged Simonson on after Lemon’s sit-down interview with Avenatti aired on Monday night.

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When Simonson asked Malone why his boyfriend didn’t press Avenatti about his shady business dealings, Malone suggested that Lemon, 52, went easy on Avenatti because the two are close friends.

Malone told Simonson to “connect the dots” and he compared Lemon’s softball interview style to Sean Hannity’s interviews with President Trump.

“Does Hannity push Trump in interviews or on stories?” Malone asked.

“Haha, well what do you think? They’re close friends,” Simonson responded.

“Bingo!” Malone replied. “You don’t think Avenatti is smart enough to try and befriend the liberal media?”

Malone, who is a salesperson for The Corcoran Group real estate agency, started dating Lemon about a year ago.

In another direct message exchange with Simonson on, Malone discussed Avenatti’s threats to sue Simonson for exposing his shady business dealings.

“Ha, he won’t [sue]. I think it’s all a game. Who knows?” said Malone. “Trump threatens lawsuits and never does it, [Avenatti] seems to be using all the same strategies…[he] is doing Trumps [sic] strategy.”

Malone, who leans right politically, added that the media’s love affair with Avenatti was over and they would start getting tough with him.

“Honestly, I think it’s all a game, everyone is profiting, and doing what rates for their audience,” Malone said about liberal media outlets who are feeding from the Stormy Daniels buffet.

“People need to dig more. But they are starting,” said Malone in reference to Avenatti.

“No one is doing their research,” said Malone. “Well, I think it will start.”

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images