Missy Elliot

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A loyal reader writes in to share his/her concern about rapper Missy Elliot‘s health and well-being. Missy hasn’t been looking herself lately.

The 46-year-old rap legend posted this image on her Instagram account on Monday. It isn’t clear if she applied a filter to the image.

As you know, Missy announced she has hyperthyroidism, which accounts for her dramatic weight loss. But there’s more.

Missy looks like she’s gone under the knife once too often. Isn’t it sad when women refuse to age gracefully and/or act their age?

R. Robins writes:

“Missy Elliot… She has been looking great lately…. a little too great. I know she had some thyroid problem before which made her lose weight but she looks totally different now… Surgery or just actually more healthy now. What do you guys think?”

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