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A Pennsylvania school is ordering students to smile — or get sent to the office. Northern Lebanon School District students in Pennsylvania must smile while walking in the hallways, according to a report.

Students must smile or be punished, according to the Lebanon Daily News.

The rule has not yet been written into school policy, but it is being strictly enforced by assistant high school principal Benjamin Wenger, according to the report.

Jean Gundrum pulled her 15-year-old daughter Julianna Gundrum out of the school since the policy was instated.

“If you don’t (smile) you get called to the office or down to see your guidance counselor,” she told the Lebanon Daily News. “You have to talk about your problems then. You have to or you get detention,” she said.

Gundrum said the school has ignored reports of bullying and harassment. But Superintendent Erik Bentzel denied the claims.

“We fully investigate every report of bullying,” he said. “But, we can’ tell (both sets of parents) about the consequences — I can’t talk to (a parent) about another (parent’s) child,” he said, according to the Lebanon Daily News.