Dr Windell Boutte

A Georgia medical board has suspended the license of a Gwinnett dermatologist who recorded herself singing and dancing to rap music while performing invasive procedures on patients.

Dr Windell Boutte

In an interview with HLN the day before her license was yanked, Dr. Windell Boutte defended her actions, saying she did nothing wrong.

“Yes, I’ve done the soul searching, and no, I’ve done nothing wrong,” said Boutte.

Boutte, who is not a licensed plastic surgeon, took advantage of lax Georgia laws that allow any doctor with a license to set up a surgical suite in a storefront and begin advertising liposuction procedures.

Multiple patients filed complaints against Boutte for malpractice. Her insurance company settled lawsuits filed by 5 former patients, including a woman who suffered a permanent brain injury and requires full care for the rest of her life.

Among the evidence against Boutte are 21 Youtube videos that shows the dermatologist dancing in the operating room while reciting the lyrics to rapper T.I.’s hit song “Whatever You Like” and singing along to OT Genesis’ rap song, “Cut It”.

Boutte said the videos were recorded in a “safe and controlled environment” towards the end of the procedures.

She said she had permission from her patients to make the videos to educate the public. But her former patients say they did not give Boutte permission to post the videos on social media.

There is no law to prevent any doctor — even a dentist — from performing liposuction surgery in Georgia.

Georgia lawmakers briefly passed a law to protect the public but the law was rescinded when doctors complained about the restrictions.

“We see emergency room physicians who are doing boob jobs and tummy tucks — they are total hack jobs,” said Susan Witt, an attorney who filed three of the seven known lawsuits filed against Boutte.

Witt said Georgia does little to protect the public from greedy practitioners.

“There is nothing that prevents a doctor from hanging up a shingle and saying they do liposuction,” Witt told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.