Trevor Jackson as Superfly

Sony’s ambitious remake of the 1972 Black exploitation film Super Fly, fell far short of expectations at the box office this weekend.

Superfly brought in just $6.3 million in ticket sales. Added to the dismal $1.2 million take for the movie opener on Wednesday, Superlfy grossed $7.5 million in total domestic ticket sales.

Trevor Jackson as Superfly

If Sony is expecting to recoup its $16 million production budget, it may take a while.

Moviegoers have decided Superfly is super bad — and that’s not good.


Superfly stars Trevor Jackson (“Black-ish”) as Youngblood Priest, a conceited drug dealer looking to score a big drug deal to finance his retirement from the drug game. But the deal goes horribly wrong.

Superfly was directed by DirectorX with cinematography by Amir Mokri and soundtrack by rapper Future Hendrix.

Ron O Neal as Super Fly

The original Super Fly movie, directed by Gordon Parks and starring man’s man Ron O’Neal as Priest, raked in $30 million in 1972 — easily recouping its budget of just over $500,000.

Meanwhile, Disney and Pixar’s Incredibles shattered box office records with a $180 million opening weekend. And the all-female Ocean’s 8 flick finally recouped its $70 million production budget landing at the #2 spot with a $19.5 million gross.