President Donald Trump, right, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un held the first-ever meeting between a North Korean leader and a U.S. president in Singapore on Tuesday, June 12.

The two world leaders exceeded expectations by signing a peace agreement that stunned the world.

Just 4 months ago, Americans braced themselves for a catastrophic nuclear attack as the war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong Un escalated to petty insults and threats of annihilation.

No one could predict that Trump and Kim would sign an agreement to remove nuclear weapons and end hostilities in the Korean peninsula — an agreement that was impossible under previous U.S. presidents.

Many observers called the historic signing of the peace document “unprecedented” and “unbelievable.”

Trump and Kim met each other face-to-face for the first time at the Capella Hotel on Santosa Island in Singapore on Tuesday June 12, 2018 just after 9 a.m. local time. They shook hands and the two men met in private with their translators for about 45 minutes.

Kim’s translator said he told Trump, “Many people in the world will think of this as a form of fantasy from a science fiction movie.”

Trump reportedly asked photographers at the summit to make sure pictures show them “handsome and thin”.

After their private meeting, President Trump and Kim joined their senior advisors for a working lunch just down the hall.

“I feel really great. We’re going to have a great discussion,” Trump said, “and tremendous success, going to be tremendously successful. And it is my honor and we will have a terrific relationship ahead.”

The leftist media immediately attacked Trump for saying it was an “honor” to meet the murderous dictator. The conservative media responded with ridicule at the left, saying, they would rather have nuclear war than to see President Trump succeed.

President Trump Kim Jong Un

Kim said via a translator: “It was not easy to get here,” adding that “old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on our way forward, but we overcame all of them and we are here today.”

“That’s true,” Trump replied.

Trump said they would work together to solve the nuclear disarmament problem to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons.

“There will be challenges ahead, but we will work with Trump,” Kim responded.

No one could foresee that just under 2 hours later, the two leaders would actually solve the “problem” by signing an agreement to remove nuclear weapons from North Korea.

At a press conference after the historic signing of the document, President Trump said he discussed human rights violations with Kim “pretty strongly” — and that the North Korean leader “wants to do the right thing”.

The two world leaders dined on a hearty feast of traditional prawns cocktail served with avocado salad, followed by green mango kerabu with honey lime dressing and fresh octopus and Korean stuffed cucumber.

The main course consisted of beef short rib confit served with potato dauphinois and steamed broccoli with red wine sauce on the side.

Also on the menu was a combination of sweet & sour crispy pork and Yangzhou fried rice with homemade XO chili sauce. They washed it all down with a selection from the fine wine list and bottled water.

Then they strolled through a courtyard outside the hotel where President Trump dropped the first hint that a historic moment was about to occur. He mentioned something about a “signing” — which sent the media into a frenzy of speculation.

Moments later, Trump showed Kim the inside of his armored Cadillac presidential limo, called “the beast”, that travels the world with him.

Less than an hour later, the two world leaders sat down to sign the peace agreement that stunned the world.

In the historic document, Trump and Kim agreed to:

  • Denuclearize North Korea
  • Bring peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula
  • End “provocative war games” between the U.S. and South Korea
  • End military buildup in South Korea
  • Return the remains of thousands of American POWs
  • Welcome Kim to the White House in the very near future

    The signing of a peace agreement came as a total surprise to many outside of Trump’s inner circle. Not even the U.S. military knew what was about to happen.

    Many families of American prisoners of war thanked Trump for doing what no other U.S. president had done in 70 years.


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    Photos by Handout/The Strait Times/AFP/Getty Images