By Sandra Rose  | 

President Donald Trump, right, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un held the first-ever meeting between a North Korean leader and a U.S. president in Singapore on Tuesday, June 12.

The two world leaders exceeded expectations by signing a peace agreement that stunned the world.

Just 4 months ago, Americans braced themselves for a catastrophic nuclear attack as the war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong Un escalated to petty insults and threats of annihilation.

No one could predict that Trump and Kim would sign an agreement to remove nuclear weapons and end hostilities in the Korean peninsula -- an agreement that was impossible under previous U.S. presidents.

Many observers called the historic signing of the peace document "unprecedented" and "unbelievable."

Trump and Kim met each other face-to-face for the first time at the Capella Hotel on Santosa Island in Singapore on Tuesday June 12, 2018 just after 9 a.m. local time. They shook hands and the two men met in private with their translators for about 45 minutes.

Kim's translator said he told Trump, "Many people in the world will think of this as a form of fantasy from a science fiction movie."

Trump reportedly asked photographers at the summit to make sure pictures show them "handsome and thin".

After their private meeting, President Trump and Kim joined their senior advisors for a working lunch just down the hall.

“I feel really great. We're going to have a great discussion," Trump said, "and tremendous success, going to be tremendously successful. And it is my honor and we will have a terrific relationship ahead."

The leftist media immediately attacked Trump for saying it was an "honor" to meet the murderous dictator. The conservative media responded with ridicule at the left, saying, they would rather have nuclear war than to see President Trump succeed.

President Trump Kim Jong Un

Kim said via a translator: “It was not easy to get here," adding that “old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on our way forward, but we overcame all of them and we are here today."

"That's true," Trump replied.

Trump said they would work together to solve the nuclear disarmament problem to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons.

“There will be challenges ahead, but we will work with Trump," Kim responded.

No one could foresee that just under 2 hours later, the two leaders would actually solve the "problem" by signing an agreement to remove nuclear weapons from North Korea.

At a press conference after the historic signing of the document, President Trump said he discussed human rights violations with Kim “pretty strongly” -- and that the North Korean leader “wants to do the right thing”.

The two world leaders dined on a hearty feast of traditional prawns cocktail served with avocado salad, followed by green mango kerabu with honey lime dressing and fresh octopus and Korean stuffed cucumber.

The main course consisted of beef short rib confit served with potato dauphinois and steamed broccoli with red wine sauce on the side.

Also on the menu was a combination of sweet & sour crispy pork and Yangzhou fried rice with homemade XO chili sauce. They washed it all down with a selection from the fine wine list and bottled water.

Then they strolled through a courtyard outside the hotel where President Trump dropped the first hint that a historic moment was about to occur. He mentioned something about a "signing" -- which sent the media into a frenzy of speculation.

Moments later, Trump showed Kim the inside of his armored Cadillac presidential limo, called "the beast", that travels the world with him.

Less than an hour later, the two world leaders sat down to sign the peace agreement that stunned the world.

In the historic document, Trump and Kim agreed to:

  • Denuclearize North Korea
  • Bring peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula
  • End "provocative war games" between the U.S. and South Korea
  • End military buildup in South Korea
  • Return the remains of thousands of American POWs
  • Welcome Kim to the White House in the very near future

    The signing of a peace agreement came as a total surprise to many outside of Trump's inner circle. Not even the U.S. military knew what was about to happen.

    Many families of American prisoners of war thanked Trump for doing what no other U.S. president had done in 70 years.


    The response to the historic summit was typically divided along political party lines on














    Photos by Handout/The Strait Times/AFP/Getty Images

    • WutizstillHERE!

      All I got to say is Trump is terrible at making good on contracts..ask all that has and is suing him...BUUTT let me reserve judgment until it actually smacks America in the face..(this @$*# actually allowed him to peak into the beast like a kid with a new porshe..mkay)

    • hi-liter

      This was nothing but a high profile photo opportunity per usual with this admin. No specifics in this “deal”, no time table as to when KJU will get rid of nucks. The NK have signed two deals like this before only to renig like they playing spades.

    • Louisville Is4TheBirds

      I guess.

    • Blaque Mahogany

      So they are holding on to the remains of POW? Sorry, I don't believe that.

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      This is a ploy to portray peace .. To play like they all peace be still.. . Knowing damn well the people these folks control are enslaved... Foh ... Meanwhile folks getting killed left and right in their countries ... Molestation is still on the rise and ninjas dropping like flies in suicides and overdosing .. Miss me with this diversion ... Demons love to play peace be still... And these fawkas who they lead have a shyt show around them... Wake up and for the folks swear up and down on the damn Bible ... Even this kind of mess is in there and folks still buying oh well... Burn with them .. Blewp and you will...

    • the guest

      I'm glad this agreement was made and signed and hope it is honored.

    • Kemi

      This was a joint statement agreement, pertaining to nothing specific that NK hadn’t promised before. It’s far from historical !

    • Phillybruh

      The mediocre white dude did it. So you know everyone gets a medal!

    • SpillyNillie

      I'll wait...

    • SandraRose

      It was more than any previous president achieved. I guess you would prefer nuclear war over peace in the region? ?

    • SandraRose

      Have you read the agreement? The one that includes all of the necessary details?

    • Kemi

      Thank you!! I said the same thing above!!

    • Thingamajig

      The majority of people are beyond disillusioned. Whoopty dooda, they signed a piece of paper. That holds NO weight at all.

    • SpillyNillie

      All of this played out like a parody, right? First Kim runs a muck, starts testing missiles, the US feels threaten, we're on the verge of war and trump flies in and saves the day. Yeah right! They can save the bullshit!

    • Phillybruh

      Because no other President would legitimize the regime. I figured this would happen under Trump, he prefers the dictators. He thinks he is one.

    • Phillybruh

      The agreement where S.Korea said they need clarification.

    • king shun

      its a shame that black people dont want to do nothing but dance around doing slave time coon jigs that made the president of north korea not want to be seen on a World stage like this with a tarnished image black man like Barry Obama

    • SpillyNillie

      What exactly are the details? What happens if that agreement is broken? There's reasons why no other President reached this pinnacle moment, but yet the least presidential of them all does? Yeah I ain't sipping this tea. Nothing from either one of these men and their camps can be trusted.

    • Phillybruh

      Is that what it was or that NK saw a fool who would make a deal on just about anything as Russia and China surely advised him well on. Pose for the camera now click click...Pat your weave Donald..that's all he wanted.

    • Kemi

      Oh yeah ok, will Kim allow nuclear inspectors freedom of movement in NK by signing this agreement? Until then this is a BS promise! With a very long process..

    • SandraRose

      The documents they signed was only the signature pages for them to keep as souvenirs of their historic summit. The real document will include all the details which will be provided to South Korea and China. President Trump is still on Air Force One. Give him a chance to get back to work.

    • king shun

      Obama is ruled by the gay mafia and they decides what he can and cannot do nobody rules trump

    • Phillybruh

      Except Russia and I mean your tripping over yourself to give him credit for a deal that isn't even a deal yet. He will be out of office before they can enforce any of it.

    • Kemi


    • TMW

      Right and because of the way Kim and Trump are both set up, they will be back to calling each other dotard and little rocket man in no time at all.

      I guess that fact that Trump acted a total ass with the U.S.’s actual allies this past weekend is supposed to be swept under the rug because of this fake peace treaty. So when North Korea does shoot nukes at the U.S. our allies won’t help. SMDH.

    • SandraRose

      Are you a parrot? You're repeating what you heard on CNN. I guess you would prefer all out nuclear war?

    • Phillybruh

      No I actually read, your just cutting and pasting what they pay you too posts, I find it hard to believe you believe any of it.

    • KcoolMuziq

      Where's Rodman?

    • Yoni7

      Yeah, ok. *dismissive wave*

    • TMW

      Somewhere crying.

    • Phillybruh

      The document they signed outlines what they discussed in the meeting and the steps or non steps they agreed too. Did you read it? Air Force one is the Whitehouse in the air.

    • TMW

      Yes, basically amounting to meeting minutes.

    • SingleGalCrazyWorld

      This was just for press and photos. North Korea is known for backing out of deals at the last minute they have been doing so for years. All I see is two egotistical men who wanted to grandstand in front of an audience. They are alike in alot of ways...Tyrannical that is. North Korea has won basically because they came to the table with nothing to offer and we still accepted. Their nukes are falling apart and the "phantom" bases where they are stored is still unknown. How the hell do you make a deal to denuclearize a place where no one in your country has seen? And on top of that how can you prove the nukes are destroyed??? All North Korea did was pinky promise...I give it six months before they totally disregard this fake azz agreement...

    • SandraRose

      The document they signed does NOT include all of the fine details. But keep watching CNN and go suck your thumb with the other crybabies.? The rest of us prefer world peace.

    • Yardgirl

      All of THIS^^^^^

      How can we trust this man? He has killed people on a "whim" including his own family members!!!

    • Phillybruh

      Because the fine details are usually worked out before this "historic meeting". The Iran deal took two years and they still didn't get the honor of meeting the President. Your boy got played. China is happy and Russia is happy why because we gave NK what they were really after without an actual deal ( troop withdrawal from the Korean peninsula). NK was never worried about sanctions, CHINA always has and will always look out.

    • Jethro

      Nothing but a glorified meet-n-greet between two dictators*. ?

      *one a wannabe.

    • SpillyNillie

      Exactly what I was thinking! How the hell will we know when they "denuclearize?"

    • SingleGalCrazyWorld

      Exactly look who Trump is "sucking up too" right now.... Russia, China, and now North Korea. The presidents and leaders of those countries all have one thing in common.... a long standing history of communism. Yes China is considered more lenient but the communist party still rules. Trump wants to join forces with these countries to create some sort of anti-United Nations. He is so used to negotiating with big companies and shaking hands that he doesn't realize this will potentially end all relationships with other nations we have had since the end of WWII. He wants to bring back the superpower nations. This man needs to be stopped ASAP...we are on the wrong side of world war 3 smh...If this goes further there is no turning back. Something is going to have to happen with the next president to reverse all this mess...our country is done "they" have ruined it...this is what happens when we as a country ignore the politics and just consume. Greed and Pride are two of the seven deadly wont be long for the U.S. now...I love my country but I hate what we stand for...

    • Phillybruh

      China plays both sides though they played well with Obama.

    • SingleGalCrazyWorld

      Yes they do...with Obama they smiled up in his face and the whole time was plotting behind his back...even grownups and teens have the one wishy washy person they dont trust or rock with...Obama treated China with a long handled spoon...

    • Victor Nathan

      i guess he was at the backseat of ''the beast'' when Trump came in with Kim

    • Phillybruh

      Not with that Trade deal, that China and Russia are glad Trump scrapped. And seems to be playing right into what they want globally.

    • Yardgirl

      He is so used to negotiating with big companies and shaking hands that he doesn't realize this will potentially end all relationships with other nations we have had since the end of WWII

      Say it loud for the people in the back!!!!

    • garrisonville

      Pretty sure they both didn't sign an agreement to denuke anything

    • FukkFolks2018

      Who cares. And if Dennis dont stop fukkin crine hollering about NOBODY BELIEVED MEH...I wanted to reach through and slap Worm so freaking bad. He got on our gatdamn nerbs last night with his sniveling.

    • SingleGalCrazyWorld not only did he scrap the deal this gives China and Russia leverage and makes the U.S. look like they are puppets on a string...Trump is making us look weak as hell and desperate for their approval smh...

    • garrisonville

      oh, you mean the one where N Korea said they didn't know what he meant, and they needed clarification? oh ok, got it.

    • Ms.Devereaux

      I said a while ago that this man may he cutting side deals with these other countries to ensure that when he leaves office his hotels and everything else will be in those countries. There’s a reason Kim came around so easily and I’m sure lots of money and promises are involved. Just my two cents. I’m really fed up with this entire thing I had someone tell me the other day that both their daughters left the country because they said they can’t live here while trump was in office this was a white man. I’m about to explore my options outside of this country as well

    • Phillybruh

      Well it gives china leverage, All Russia really has is military, they don't really offer much outside of that. The kee will be is when our partners sign onto that China trade deal and leave us out.

    • Elevated Soul

      Now President Trump is a President who actually deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!

      The Art of The Deal!...Well done President Trump!!!!

    • Ms.Devereaux

      Somewhere crying ? whilst booty tooted in the air

    • Kanyade

      traditional prawns cocktail served with avocado salad, followed by green
      mango kerabu with honey lime dressing and fresh octopus and Korean
      stuffed cucumber.
      i'm so hungry right now.

    • SingleGalCrazyWorld

      True we are going to be on the outside looking in...smh what happened??? In 2008 I was so proud of us as a country...When Obama was elected you couldn't tell me that this wasn't going to be the new start to everything...even as far back as Sept. 11th...the way that we as a nation just stood together and joined regardless of race and class... If this country perishes its all the yt's fault...they got this dictator in office to prove a point that "they" still run a country that technically doesn't even belong to them....Chile let me stop Im gonna be barking at colonizers all day if I dont...

    • hi-liter

      Have you?.....there isn’t one.

    • Phillybruh

      White folks got in their feelings. And despite the smile they were really bothered by that man being in the Whitehouse after all. President was only something reserved for White Males until 2008.

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      over here cooking bacon gal ??

    • justlooking

      Satan and the Devil Meet up...You know the rest of the story.

    • Kanyade

      gahhhh that sounds good, too. i didn't get breakfast. had to buy a honey bun from the snack machine.

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Serpent seeds the doo doo breed ... Chile ... It's puff and smoke

    • Elevated Soul

      Speak it!!!

      The Black Democrat has been and is troublesome for The Black race.They have been brainwashed by their liberal slave-masters to see The Democratic Party as the only option.

      Obama was an embarrassment.He was nothing but a "racist White dude that came in Black face". He caped big time for illegals and gays. Dude even got weak minded Blacks to go along with the gay agenda.They actually forsake GOD for Obama...

    • justlooking

      I want to know the price tag of this meeting of evil.

    • GAPeach

      Clinton did in 94, but NK backtracked.

    • justlooking

      I really read...

      The ART deal with the Devil.

    • Logan Roberts

      Who is dumb enough to trust Kim Jong? He's either lying or there's something really big in it for him.

    • Elevated Soul

      The Alt-Left ZOMBIES are idiotic to the point of no return. President Trump has the economy/jobs rolling but they criticize that.They criticize everything he achieves because anyone with a working brain knows that Obama was inept.

      President Trump is a winner who plays to win.His only special interest is Americans,not globalists.

    • dontgetblocked

      OBAMA WHO!!! This is why we voted President Trump into office. Low unemployment, booming economy, and now peace with North Korea. This is why you put a billionaire in office....He knows how to run a business. America is a business. Screw social issues. I love my PRESIDENT!!!

    • SumthinSweeter

      I mean not at mad at all about this but Trump does not get all the glory. He is still very ignorant, misogynic and a pathological liar who uses black folks as props.

    • dontgetblocked

      Instead they gave it to Obama for killing Muammar Gaddafi, an African leader. I'm proud of President Trump. Take that old azz Robert Deniro!! Who is laughing now?

    • dontgetblocked

      Just say he did a good job. This is a major achievement.

    • ALLMINE?


    • Quitedeliteful

      Whelp... we got winners and losers here: Trump wins because this is his most statesmanlike performance ever. He actually de-escalated tensions between him and 'rocket man' and got some really positive news coverage out of it. Kim got what he always wanted which is an audience with the President of the U.S. Dennis Rodman gets a win because he no longer looks bat-shyt crazy hanging out with Kim.

      Losers: The Rest of The World. North Korea has been building up its weapons and nuclear arsenal for more than 30 years and there is not one nation in the world who has amassed that kind of arsenal who has ever just given it up and destroyed everything. Would North Korea really allow the international community to come into their country and verify compliance? Does denuclearization mean the same thing to Kim as it does to Trump?
      We shall see. Only time will tell...

    • Cocoa Rose

      The economy is doing well because of Obama. Unemployment was trending downward and the stock market was already hitting records....actually it is negative for the year....

    • Evillene

      "The two world leaders exceeded expectations by signing a peace agreement that stunned the world."

      Yes, the world is "stunned" by Trump's stupidity. This is a stunt, the kind that only a reality TV star would think he could pass off as an accomplishment. Just some mess orchestrated by Russia to make Trump look like he did something, but the rest of the world just shrugged.

    • Readytochokemothernatureout

      He's such a dotard...

    • SumthinSweeter

      Not a parrot. I said what I said and yes it is.

    • Skin Deep Beauty

      Them two look like they met in a hotel room the night before!

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      Robert Mueller's still going to get him though.

      #collusion #Russiagate.

    • Scromes1212

      Lol did it again smh let's see how they try and explain this away lol

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      They pretty much signed an agreement ( a *promise* to denuclearize) with no verification stipulations written in as part of it. It's basically an empty promise.

      They might as well have signed that "agreement" on the back of a napkin.

    • Elevated Soul

      Poor Gaddafi made the fatal mistake of trusting Obama because he thought the supposed Kenyan would be loyal to him because he was supposedly tied to Africa.Obama is loyal to the globalists.He proposed to starve Africans if their leaders did not go along with the gay agenda.

      Robert DeNiro has ties to Weinstein and he too is tied to the pedophile ring in Hollywood. DeNiro made trips on the "Lolita Express" to the private Caribbean Island,just as Clinton did too.Many other "elites" from all over the world participate in such evil. This will shock Obamabots but he got ties to these rings as well....

      Did you know that the Clinton's got married in Haiti? Did you know that while Clinton was governor that Killary Clinton took trips regularly to California to attend some witch church-->yelp!

      DeNiro has a personal issue with President Trump because President Trump is targeting pedophile rings and he will be on full blast. These pedo/sex slavery rings are disgusting beyond belief.You have all of this child trafficking happening worldwide.Women/girls/boys and men are being used as sex slaves all over the world.

      Globalist Puppets like Obama let that stuff go because he was profiting from it.

    • Trace da Ace

      Trump reportedly asked photographers at the summit to make sure pictures show them “handsome and thin”.

      .....ummm.....NOPE AND HELL NOPE.....#FAIL.....but on another note....wondering if they will keep their word on this "agreement" both have been know to lie.....not going to trust it yet....gonna give it time.....

    • Aries Dog

      Isn’t one of North Korea’s allies Russia? Right? Isn’t it China and Russia, the only two industrialized countries that mess with them. So it’s just a coincidence that we’re friends with their friends now? I can’t even believe people are falling for this

    • Mark mcharm

      So we are happy about a fat clown who was selling wolf tickets but pissing Canada and Mexico off who buys a ton of crap from America.???? we are living in weird times.

    • Enoughsaid2020

      Two madmen together. Be very afraid. SMH!

    • Quitedeliteful

      A pinky swear and a hand shake. That's all we got...

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      Thank you. It's like the old joke about the man who was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. SMH

      Trump inherited a good economy and hasnt messed it up. Good for him... but these Trumpaholics want to act like it's all him and Obama gets zero credit.

    • Blak

      While you guys are sleeping, drinking hot cocoa and petting your therapy dogs, this man is going to work. What have you haters accomplished today?

    • Blak

      have a sense of humor buddy and take a seat

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      A lot of these low-information Trump supporters seem to not know that the North Koreans have signed other agreements in the past, and didnt live up to them. And those agreements were more thorough and detailed than this one... yet they still broke their word.

      But now we're supposed to believe they can be trusted? Come on, people. Let's get smart here.

    • king shun

      he acted an ass because he wanted whats best for america and not for them?

    • TMW

      No he acted an ass because he showed the behavior, demeanor and cognitive aptitude of a 3 year old child. Embarrassing.

    • king shun

      why you not in office if you know so much better?

    • TMW

      I am a mother and I know 3 year old behavior when I see it. Trump is used to bullying people, and when he doesn’t get his way he resorts to impetulence and tantrums. No matter what he is or is not accomplishing, I know that there is always benefit to consensus and compromise - and just plain old adult behavior. I also know that my gas is over $3/gallon. And I know that your president has no clue how to behave on a world stage, and it is downright embarrassing.

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      He knows how to run a business? The man filed for bankruptcy 6 times. He coudnt even run a casino, but people think he can run a whole country? smh

    • king shun

      trump shut down backpage also and he want to cut off all this welfare because he old and remember when black people where a proud people and not begging for food stamps

    • Dowoop

      Well...... I woke up. Turned on my computer to do work that I agreed id be doing while I was at home and then said F that, I changed my mind and im not doing it.

    • Dowoop

      Handsome and thin - is that even possible.

    • Yardgirl

      No lie, ME TOO!!

    • Dowoop

      Come to Canada

    • RealATLPeach36

      North Korean dictator Kim Jong is one chubby little man...look like that video going around where the kids are dancing and skipping by the pool...

    • Elevated Soul

      Remember these people are brainwashed by Fake News.They only believe what Fake News tell them.If they hadn't heard it on Fake News,then it's not real to them.These are not the kind of people that will do research---->Nope!

      Most of the posters you see on this site as well as others that are similar are NOT "critical thinkers".

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      Trump said he didn't do any preparation for his meeting with Kim Jong Un.
      And it showed.

    • Cannelle

      In the USA, there has always been a collective of [color redacted] people who are willing to destroy everything rather than accept the existence of other (black) people, and work together for the betterment of humanity.

      Sad, isn't it?

      What's worse is that they have more economic and political might than most other groups on Earth. So basically, no matter who you are or where you live, you are subjected to their insanity at a whim.

      And if you happen to be American, you end up being forced to share the blame for this collective foolery, no matter your status or history in the USA.

    • pure_rachet

      I did the same!

    • Cannelle

      He never prepares for anything, that's why he always looks like a damn fool wherever he goes.

      How can you be hated by more humans than Rodrigo Duterte?

      The USA will keep taking Ls so long as he is there.

    • Marlika

      Two idiots I wish would just annihilate each other and make the world a better place. ?????

      Like an old fashion western duel. Just them two and two pistols. ?

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      But the Trumpaholics think he's wonderful though. They never see anything wrong with anything he does. Anything.
      They're like a bunch of cult members. Sad.

    • Phillybruh

      Well got the kids up at 6 and off to the last week of school. Then I headed to work where I got 87 residents ready too work, I also completed two contracts between the VA and local hospitals so Vets can go into the community ( they won't, they actually prefer the VA) but we still have to have them in place.

    • Phillybruh

      America is not a business.

    • Jethro
    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      No true leader would ever say something like that.
      Then again, we all know Trump is not a true leader anyway.

    • nick c

      Capitalism eventually broke down Russia and China money always rules the world.

    • Jethro
    • TMW

      He already knows this whole “negotiation” was a sham. His supporters should read between the lines.

    • TMW

      Well I got up at 5:30 to be at a meeting at 7:30; wrote a business case for a new $2.1 mil contract with a vendor, attended meetings and a retirement party. At the tire place getting a nail removed and the hole plugged. What I didn’t do is spend 3 hours of “executive time” watching cable news.

    • Jethro

      They're not allowed to read, only listen and watch.

    • TMW

      You’re right. Touché.

    • Jethro

      They're photographers not magicians.

    • Jethro
    • Jethro
    • Dun Dilly

      True WESTERN power dynamics at work here. Fck watching GAME OF THRONES...this real ish is damn entertaining.

    • hottlanta

      All of the pomp and circumstances for a real estate video. I saw that and said yep there is the Dump tower right there. Got my money as well. Congress doesn't even know what is in the bill they haven't seen anything.

    • Jethro
    • Rhondalousey

      That ugly hypocrite.

    • cd cd

      ...I see the "you prefer nuclear war" talking point has been sent out to the delivery systems. Seems the payoff for being a traitor is loot.

    • rodt

      there was no agreement to do shyt