gaming disorders

The World Health Organization has officially declared video gaming a new mental health disorder. The announcement comes years after gaming was first considered a “Condition for Further Study” in the DSM-5.

The WHO now lists gaming as an "official" disorder in the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases, CNN reports.

The DSM-5 states that Internet Gaming Disorder is most common in male adolescents 12 to 20 years of age. But addiction to gaming is on the rise among the females and middle age population.

gaming disorders

An individual is diagnosed with the disorder if he or she meets 5 of the following criteria in one calendar year.

  • Preoccupation or obsession with Internet games, usually with multiple players
  • Social isolation, spending 8 or more hours gaming
  • Difficulty keeping a job
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not playing Internet games
  • Anger or hostility when gaming is restricted
  • Loss of interest in eating or drinking
  • Loss of interest in other life activities
  • Lying to others about his or her game usage
  • Using gaming to relieve anxiety or depression
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships or friendships

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    • Trace da Ace

      now if you said "thats me" to any of the questions have too much damn time on your hands......get a job...or 2.....don't make no damn sense.....

    • FukkFolks2018

      Yeah this is too much. I wont ever bother my guy again about his 1/2 hour to an hour of playing time. Seesh. 8 HOURS? Naw.

    • missarewa

      about time...

    • Ms.Devereaux

      Yea but they still have more money to make off social media so it’ll be a few years before they name a condition for social media they have already done studies that show social media cause she anxiety depression narcissism and a bad much of other stuff. But this gaming thing they been talking about it for yeeeeeears now that they have made billions off of the addition they purposely created they will now acknowledge it as having an effect on the human psyche and they will now offer treatment another bill for ppl to pay! Stay woke!

    • Kemi

      Chronic gambling should be included as well, if not already. I have seen firsthand, gambling addiction destruction on family, friends/social life. The withdrawal symptoms are similar to what’s listed above.

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      good! maybe some of these couch potatoes can start getting a check, LOL!

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      yeah, when i was half-way listening to this on the tv this a.m., i actually thought they were talking about gambling.

    • CrunchyBlack1

      i bet the true, underlying disorder is in the addiction wheelhouse. i dropped gaming once they got all confusing with the first play station. Now im just waiting on one of these "social influencers" to make N64's a nostalgia must have. so i can make some bread.

    • CrunchyBlack1

      so they can buy more games, cheetos and get more fat

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      at least they're paying for their own snacks, LOL!!!! plus, there's prob mandatory treatment, for which they must leave the sofa!

    • Kemi

      I personally, know someone that gambled away close to 100g in 2 months. His choices are destroying his life and everyone around him. They won’t do anything about this addiction cos it’s a multi billion business whilst it’s destroying people’s lives.

    • Kayke

      .... Guess they dont know that gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and thats all the "work" people do because its their actual job.... Making 10k+ monthly.
      The only games I can see the "disorder" applying to is SIM type games where people live in that virtual reality.

    • CrunchyBlack1

      nah they'll just cisco telepresence the appointment on their xbox1 lol

      nah but you know what tho... it might delegitimize mental illness and they'll be too many recipients to payout. thus crash/ending the system. cuz everybody claiming something under the guise of a payday.

    • Dun Dilly

      But no word on BINGING on TV?? Sounds like deception by the tv and film industry to get the young dudes from spending cash on games.

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      yeah, there's gonna be push back from that industry... there's gonna be a major lobbying effort if they face restrictions

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      sweet Lordt when I be trying to check out the gas stations these folks that don't have their slips filled out and be calling the numbers out to the clerk... Irks me. .?? Whew ... I do get it.. But I'm so glad I don't play that shyt ... Wish them best but damn fill ya slips out. .. And don't let the clerk be someone that can hardly speak English ... Chile #minivent

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Wow ..

    • justlooking
    • Applebootay

      TOTALLY BELIEVABLE.....I personally know a few men where one is autistic and games for the obvious reasons...although he can't talk or function as a normal 25 yr. old, he will beat your azz in any game known to man....the other is un-diagnosed however he meets every single criteria up top. The Devil is Busy.

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      they'll narrow it to only the most extreme cases... for instance, have your parents ever had to lock themselves in their room after you lost a game of Madden? or, did you go out and really do a carjacking after playing GTA for several hours?

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


    • anjanette b

      White people in there studies????????? I can't Jesus.. I can't wait to they come out with a study that say women who get child support from a man who give too shits a about there child is mentally retarded and need a psychiatric evaluation ???

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


    • L.T.L. Since 2007

      Can one get a check for such a disorder?

      Asking for me,cause I think I can get paid off Lurk23. He's got two of the symptoms full on. And touch of the rest. Well, except for the loss of appetite. This fool eats like pregnant hippo.

    • Kemi

      Yup always at the casino playing Black jack. He wasn’t even there for his son’s arrival due to gambling. Any extreme form of addiction fck ppl up for real.

    • Kemi


    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      i just said this Lurk! get Lil Lurk down to the clinic (make sure he show-up clutching the hand thingy), and get yall's monthly stipend setup, LOL!

    • Bonita

      Well, we got one third of the Black male population in prison, one third of the Black male population with anything other than a Black woman, and now it looks like the remaining one third are going to be committed to psyche wards. lol Damn Black women have it hard out here!

    • CrunchyBlack1

      oh my >insert dead Pinocchio gif here< lmaoooo

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
    • CrunchyBlack1

      yall sho do too! :hugs:

    • Rayne

      Yea... well lemme go down to the social security board and get me a check. Them folks will put me smoove clean out.

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      Cole u stoopid.... LMAO!!!!

    • BrownIsBack

      I was thinking the same thing! is this considered a disability????If so I want my back pay for my years of going to the laundromat to play Ms PacMan and Galaga!

    • MsPam


    • Torae

      My husband is in his 30’s and still plays video games and so do all of his nerdy engineer co workers ..they have a group that get together on their days off and games all day????? They build computers together to have gaming computers and they buy televisions just for gaming..they could be out here doing other things...I don’t have a problem with him gaming.

    • xenaD

      Mine slipped clean thru the cracks! I play his video game more than he does lol and I only play Mrs. Pac-Man ????? ???

    • MsPam

      I'm sure it especially if 40+ years olds are sitting around playing all day! To the ladies if they're are playing while you're at work, that would be on YOU!!!!!

    • CrunchyBlack1


    • Listen2Me

      Check for me too. I have a 22 year old that also qualifies. And he plays for money. So he has a gambling addiction too.

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      chile, i'd make them some sandwiches and leave them to it, LOL!


    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Yeah addictions of any sort is a beast

    • Torae

      That’s exactly what I do?

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
    • Bonita


    • Roderick2011

      What's worse is people who play those damn scratch off games and play them right then and there.

      It seems as if there's one in line there are at least three and all I want is some gas and of course there is only one cashier at this store at any given time.


    • Bonita

      Girl, I bought a PS4 Pro a few months back with the sole intent of playing the original Ms. Pacman, and they don't even make it! I settled and bought Pac Man thinking it was the original and it's not. I bought a few other games but they give me motion sickness, so I said forget it and bought the big Ms. Pac Man arcade game that you play at a Dave and Busters. The PS4 system is now just present for whoever stops by to visit and wants to play it.

    • Quitedeliteful

      I love Pac-Man!!!!!

    • Yui

      I’m a gamer! Yay!!! Although none of the symptoms listed above apply to moi. Happy Blerd!

    • BadAss Will

      Damn grown as men who dont work and stay home a play all day need a reality check! Stop enabling they ass and put them out on the streets.

    • xenaD

      Stick to ps3

    • We Can Do This

      SSI for gaming now... lol!!!

    • Anunnaki

      New dsm5 code, to create a new drug, to experiment on new people, got it...

    • CS

      N steady buying games lol smh

    • Bonita

      Girl, I give up on game systems. The arcade game doesn't make me feel sick and I got my Ms. Pac Man which is all I like to play, so I'm skrate! ?

    • Reenaface

      Heck, I have an addiction to playing Friday the 13th on Xbox. I could play that game all day and I have. That and Fortnite. And can't forget The Sims 4, I love the decorating, the pets and the toddlers are too cute. I don't think I exhibit any of those signs above.??

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      Grown men who can't tear themselves away from a video game. I can see that.

    • hottlanta

      Gonna be a lot of people getting them checks. I can see it now. Calling #210. I am a gamer and I have several high scores. My handle is Diva Gamer.

    • hottlanta

      I told Lil Hots the same thing. She went and bought him the biggest flat screen I ever seen and kept it moving.

    • jor

      the sims all day

    • Jussjess25

      I believe this yall! They also said gaming is an addiction..hide your kids.! Furthermore, they conducted a study about getting rid if your social media . Yall better try it

    • kekeb

      So can you get disability for this orr???

    • the guest


    • bemetoo

      so can I get an ssi check

    • Cannelle

      There is nothing wrong with video games if they aren't an obsession. Sounds like your husband and his friends have a hobby, because they know when to unplug and go to work. Me and my S.O. are the same.

    • Bossy704

      This is an epidemic and I am glad to see it being recognized in the US. Gaming addiction is serious. Sometimes I read the Gamers Anonymous blogs just to make sure I'm not going over the edge which is easy to do when you are bored and unhappy. Usually women play the "pay to win" games (not me) where you have a character and dress up and interact with other characters. They have serious relationships and families in the virtual world. Many have died while gaming. It's crazy.

    • TheyDontHearMeTho sons xbox gameplay is a dub ?

    • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

      Hell this is a job now...if I was gaming like I use to back in the day, I'd be paid

    • Disgustd

      But racism ain't been added to the list of mental disorders yet?