Stock photo of first time mom

Co-workers donating vacation time to new moms so they can stay home and bond with their newborns is gaining momentum at workplaces around the country.

Stock photo of first time mom

An article on Good Morning America explored the growing trend of co-workers donating their own vacation time to their colleagues.

Babies born to single moms who can’t afford to stay at home with their newborns are most affected by developmental and economic disadvantage, according to child experts.

Those children tend to perform poorly in school and have difficulty maintaining relationships later on in life due to the lack of adequate bonding in their first few months of life.

Most states don’t offer government employees paid maternity leave beyond a week.

Stock photo of first time mom

That’s why some co-workers have taken it upon themselves to donate their vacation time to give women like Jessie Simpson, of Nebraska, 12 weeks off to bond with her newborn baby.

“I had more bonding time with my child and I was able to establish a much better breastfeeding routine,” Sampson told GMA. She said she is grateful to her colleagues for selflessly donating their vacation time to her.

“That’s time they could be spending relaxing, and to give it to me to spend time with my child, I’m really grateful for that.”

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