Elon Musk

All 12 members of a soccer team and their coach were rescued from a Thailand cave on Tuesday — without the assistance of billionaire Elon Musk’s mini submarine.

Thai officials dismissed the submarine, saying it was “good technology but not practical for this mission”.

Musk traveled to Thailand with his submarine which was built from spare rocket parts and named after the boys’ Wild Boars soccer team.

The submarine was considered a publicity stunt from the moment Musk announced he was creating it to help rescue the boys.

The most challenging section of the cave is only 15 inches across — equivalent to 3 Mars candy bars placed end to end.

Musk apparently ignored the layout of the cave when he proposed sending the submarine. He didn’t think his plan through — beyond his need for attention.

Musk took photo ops with Thai rescuers who turned down his offer to help in the Cave 3 command center.

“Just returned from cave 3,” Musk tweeted Tuesday morning. “Thailand is so beautiful.”