Cardi B

After the predictable public uproar to a racist, offensive Coretta Scott King comedy skit, one-hit rapper Cardi B has apologized and promised to quit rapping and fade back into obscurity…

Okay, that last part isn’t true, but who among us wishes it was true?

According to published reports, the Bronx rapper personally reached out to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter, Dr. Bernice King, who expressed her disappointment in the skit titled ‘Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Era’.

The skit cracks jokes about MLK’s rumored infidelities.

Ms. King was gracious in her response to the washed up rapper.

“Thank you, @iamcardib, for reaching out to me and apologizing for the skit that aired on @TMZ,” Dr. King tweeted. “I look forward to talking with you soon.”

Cardi knew the offensive skit would cause an uproar — which is exactly why her camp leaked it to gossip tabloid TMZ for maximum exposure.

TMZ also responded to the controversy by claiming the skit was filmed 3 years ago when Cardi was just another Instagram thot doing comedy for ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.

Blame yourselves for creating this monster. She has one #1 song — “Bodak Yellow” — the rest of her music is garbage. Yet you continue to support this chick who clearly hates Black women.

Just because others date your men does not mean they are down with you Black women! They actually despise you for being the Black queens they will never be!

TMZ and other mainstream outlets are intentionally pushing Hispanic and Latina acts to grab a lion’s share of the growing Hispanic demographic — which has surpassed the Black demographic in the United States.

Haven’t you noticed the emphasis on Hispanic rappers lately?

I’m not linking to the skit for obvious reasons. FTB!

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