Everything was all set for UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother” to welcome American house guest Stormy Daniels, but the porn star backed out of the popular reality TV show at the last minute when her request for extra money was rejected.

The producers of UK’s Celebrity Big Brother went all out to promote the new season, themed “Eye of the Storm” especially for Daniels. They even built a mini version of the White House for Daniels to stay in.

Daniels is best known for accepting $130,000 hush money for her silence about her alleged romp with Donald Trump in 2006.

According to British newspaper The Sun, Daniels had agreed to a sum of $950,000 USD to appear on Celebrity Big Brother for just one week.

Daniels arrived in England on Thursday but she didn’t enter the house with the other contestants during the show’s launch on Channel 5 Thursday night.

The Sun quoted a source who said producers “tried everything to persuade her to stay. Everything in the house was ready for her. To say it’s been a nightmare is an absolute understatement. Everyone is completely baffled.”

The Sun reported that Daniels demanded an extra $127,000 on top of the $950,000 but producers refused. She probably needed the extra cash after her estranged husband filed for divorce and was granted temporary custody of their daughter.

According to The NY Daily News, Celebrity Big Brother’s entire marketing campaign revolved around the theme “Eye of the Storm,” with the slogan “A storm is coming.”

Celebrity Big Brother‘s 13 house guests include American reality TV star Natalie Nunn, American actress Kirstie Alley, British soap star Roxanne Pallett, “Love Island” star Gabby Allen, soccer player Jermaine Pennant.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images