Shaniqua Tompkins, Carmen Bryan

50 Cent‘s ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, dismissed his social media threats regarding her shopping a baby mama reality TV show featuring herself and Nas‘s baby mama, Carmen Bryan.

Tompkins, who is mother to Fiddy’s oldest son, Marquise Jackson, tells TMZ she is not intimidated by the rap troll.

“I feel whatever God has for me is gonna be,” she said. “He’s just mad because I don’t wanna be with him.”

She issued a threat of her own, saying, “He knows that I’m the only one who was there from the beginning, that can expose who he really is. He’s scared, he’s frightened.”

50 Cent threatened Tompkins in a post on, saying he owns Tompkins’ “life rights” and can shut her show down.

Tompkins confirmed the existence of a nondisclosure agreement that she signed during her lean years when she needed money to support their son.

“He can’t stop anything that I’m doing,” she said. “No. That’s why — he always says ‘Oh, she signed a nondisclosure, she can’t speak about me.’ I do interviews all the time. You can’t stop me from talking on anything.”

But a rep for 50 Cent tells TMZ, “Mr. Jackson intends to fully enforce his contractual rights as he has done in the past regarding Ms. Tompkins.”

Watch the interview below.