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An interesting thread on The Data Lounge website is attracting attention for its subject matter: gay men who hate their abusive, selfish, narcissistic mothers.

The thread starter, who is openly gay, seems to imply that his homosexuality is a direct result of his angry, dominant, narcissistic mother. He writes: “My mother was always toxic, selfish, narcissistic, alcoholic, rejecting, unable to nurture or comfort me. I spent decades in therapy trying to undo the damage.”

Another reader writes: “I hate my mom and she hates me. She would tell me that I ruined her life and that she wished she never had me.”

Studies show that boys who are raised by their fathers grow up to be more emotionally balanced and mature than boys who are raised by their mothers when the father is absent or takes no role in raising his son.

Boys look to males to emulate and define their sexual identities. Boys need fathers to show them how to be a man. It’s instinctive in human beings.

Even boys who are raised by two men fare better in life than boys who are raised by a dominant, narcissistic mom.

Studies also show that women are quite successful at raising men to be well-adjusted, productive citizens. But the statistics skew dramatically when the mothers are selfish and narcissistic, and reject their children as inferior.

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Numerous studies show that boys who grew up to be serial killers and rapists were raised by women who were the dominant parent or the only parent in the household.

In the early 1980s the FBI conducted a study of convicted sex-murderers and thrill-killers and found that 47% did not have a father present throughout most or all of their childhood, and of those who did have fathers present, 71% reported that their mother was the dominant parent. [Source]

Were you raised by a dominant, angry, man-hating, or narcissistic mom? Share your experiences in the comment section.